Cost: 1.

2 max par deck.

Utilisations (2 jetons Entraînement).

Action d'alter ego : retirez 1 jeton Entraînement de cette carte et inclinez-la → choisissez un événement Justice (jaune) dans votre pile de défausse et mélangez-le dans votre deck.

War Machine #33.
Entraînement de Justicier

I have yet to find a good use for the training cards. You pay 2 resources and get no immediate value that affects the board or draws cards. Say you want to reshuffle a powerful card like Turn the Tide. At 3 damage/1 resource it is one of the most efficient cards of the game, but if you add an extra resource to that from playing the training, you have mitigated that efficiency. I think you need a unique and compelling reason to play this. Like maybe you are in multiplayer and Spider-Man is necessary to beat some massive schemes. I believe this is a fun card that gives consistency to certain strategies at Standard or Expert difficulty levels, but if I am trying to build the best Justice deck possible I don't think I will include this.

Stretch22 · 189
The Training cards only reshuffle events, so you couldn't reshuffle Spider-Man. The only events I've really found worth it are the four aspected Mystic only events because they are (mostly) still amazing at +1 cost. Howevere, due to Sorceror Supreme, most mystics are comfy spending all their time in Hero Form... — Death by Chocolate · 2