The Best Defense is a Good Offense

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Lithrac · 161

Who embodies the saying "the best defense is a good offense" better than Wolverine? If you're looking for a deck that rushes for damage, while capitalizing on Wolverine's strengths, look no further.

The Logic behind the deck

The goal here is to maximize the use of two of Wolverine's most busted cards - his claws and Berserker Frenzy. The first one allows you to pay for Attack events with your health, and the second will allow you to draw cards like crazy, as long as you can sustain the incoming damage. These two cards turn your health pool into a resource to gain ways of paying for cards, as well as card draw.

Your regeneration helps you fuel these, but you won't last long if you rely solely on it. This means we're looking for ways to soak up the damage you'd normally take, or heal up that damage. That's where Protection shines.

Med Team and What Doesn't Kill Me both help with the healing, and the latter even allows you to ready. The Power of Protection helps you pay for it while meeting the ressource requirement. The deck is also full of Physical resources to that effect.

The Night Nurse also brings healing, but her true purpose is to get rid of the stuns that would prevent you from enacting your full offense strategy.

Other ways to last longer are bonuses to your health pool, like Endurance and Adamantium Skeleton. Put these in play whenever you can, they'll work wonders.

If you want to take full advantage of Berserker Frenzy, you also want to take the least possible amount of damage while not reducing it completely. Two cards will help you with that, Defiance and Energy Barrier. By using those, you'll ensure your card draw while making sure you'll survive.

The deck also includes several ways of getting a Tough status card or stunning the villain, which may seem counter-productive when you look at Berserker Frenzy. The reality is that you won't be able to sustain all the incoming damage, but to choose which damage you take. This goes with one important piece of strategy: For this deck to work, you'll want to leave the non-Guard minions alive, especially if their attack is low. Every attack means one card for you as long as you take at least one point of damage. So using stuns and Tough status cards to prolong your life by preventing the villain to harm you does help you on the long run.

Mulligan strategy

With your mulligan, you'll want to look for the only two cards that will benefit you on the long run: Adamantium Skeleton and Berserker Frenzy. As soon as you have these two in play, unleash the hells! Use your claws to pay for events (one exception might be Tackle, since you'll miss out on the kicker effect, but there are plenty of Physical resources in the deck to help you with that, as well as The Power of Protection.

Going Alter Ego

Of course, you'll want to go back to Alter Ego as infrequently as possible, since doing that will discard Berserker Frenzy. If you need to do it to survive, though, you can use Professor X to confuse the villain pre-emptively.

Final words

I hope you'll have as much fun playing Wolverine as I have - he's a true beast!

Let me know what you think about this deck in the comments below.