Peter Chaperones The Champions.

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Shazbahty · 527

I was kind of surprised that any Web-Warrior's least published aspect was protection but Miles was. Now I could have just gone with a Web-Warrior package and moved on, but where is the fun in that? Pinpoint was a card I've looked at a couple times but with him being Champion locked never really gave much consideration. I've also never done a Repurpose deck. So what the heck why not throw them together and see what comes out?

With Miles access to status he doesn't really need defensive events. Ironheart Moon Girl Taunt Ganke Lee and Champions Mobile Bunker help dig out the right card for the right situation. Use Web-Shooter to ensure you meet you kickers on Swing In and Web-Shot. Add in a dash of the Web-Warriors with Thwip! Thwip! for an extra stun and the villain will spend most of their turns flailing helplessly.

Pinpoint is a really strong card for Miles. Allowing him to shuffle Defense Mechanism and Power Within back into the deck. Add in Energy Barrier and Defensive Training and you've got a pretty good Repurpose deck. Spider-Man helps get another use out of those Repurpose turns.

Now the part where I talk about the fluff cards. Snowguard Vivian and Nova are there mostly because they've got the Champion trait.Ghost-Spider isn't a bad choice to help dig out those events. Maybe a copy or two of Forcefield Generator. Fell free to add your own flavor to it.