Avengers, Draw & Slam! - now with trainer wheels

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"Draw & Slam!" (3.0) - She-Hulk / Leadership - March '21 833 667 42 1.0
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adsarf · 368

When I first started playing this game, I couldn't make She-Hulk work at all, so I was very excited when I discovered @Brian-V's Avengers, Draw & Slam! deck, as it seemed like a way I could play She-Hulk, and start to feel like I was mastering this game.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make Avengers Draw & Slam! work either. I consistently found that I couldn't manage the trade-off between using the allies to thwart and clear minions for me, and keeping them on the board for Strength In Numbers. I was losing allies to the discard pile at the wrong time, and still not keeping up with the tempo of the encounter deck.

So this is my version of Avengers Draw & Slam! for less skilful players like myself. I've added Rapid Response to keep allies on the board better and avoid the loss of tempo I was experiencing before. I've also swapped out Avengers Mansion for Quincarrier, which I find really helpful to consistently power Superhuman Law Division and buff Vision, regardless of what I have in my hand. It also helps a lot in getting rid of the various attachments in Mutagen Formula and Goblin Gimmicks, which is the main scenario I'm using at the moment. Finally I adjusted the ally mix a little. I found Wonder Man hard to use effectively because of the discard he needs, and in any case I really need my allies to thwart for me in this deck so I can stay in alter-ego. Iron Man is more expensive but easier to use effectively. Stinger is just irresistible in a Strength In Numbers deck, even though she takes me over 40 cards.


Dec 05, 2020 dafair · 7

Very nice. I like the possibilities of this deck and will have to give it a try.

Dec 05, 2020 adsarf · 368

Thanks @dafair

Mar 06, 2021 Brian-V · 43679

@adsarf Nice deck! I actually updated my "Avengers, Draw, and Slam!" deck to 3.0. I'm not sure if it's any easier to play, but I did add lots of new cards. Also, I too rarely use Wonder Man for attack. I just use him because he's low cost and I thwart with him. In a pinch, the 3 damage is nice if you really need it. And now with drawing even more cards, he's easier to use if you want to do damage.

Mar 06, 2021 adsarf · 368

Thanks for the comments @Brian-V. I'll look out version 3 and give it a try next time I play She-Hulk. Maybe I've gotten better at this game, who knows?