Venom Stungression

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Lockdown -- Venom Stun Aggression 257 213 22 1.0
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The Deck


We're running light on allies because we just want allies that further our goal. Venom's self-healing is good enough that you don't need a ton of blockers, and usually in multiplayer you've got someone filling the role of protector/healer.

Mockingbird - Good ol' blockingbird! She stuns an enemy for us and is a chump-blocker after that!

Spider-Girl - Helps with minion control - especially helpful in those scenarios with big scary baddies! (Look at you, Hood-rat and wurm!)


Drop Kick - Stuns 3-5 in our deck list! Also conveniently draws us a card!

Fusillade - The secondary theme of this deck is weapon value - you're gonna get +1 from your pistol... OR you could get +5 (effectively) instead!

Mean Swing - Same story as with the 'lade... You can get +1 with your pistol OR you can make that +3 instead!

Press the Advantage - This gives us some value from our status afflictions - letting us draw a card in addition to dealing some damage (finishing off a status'd minion for value, or hitting the villain for a little bit).

Skilled Strike - More basic attack buffs - works well with tour general desire to be basic-attacking with Venom.


The reason we're playing all three of the basic resource doublers is for activating the three amigos of Venom's pool.

Paying for these 2-costers with one of the double-resource basic cards means you're triggering its special effect (stun, confuse, overkill)!


Hall of Heroes - You're the aggression player, you're probably killing most of the minions in most scenarios. Why not draw (on average) 6 more cards over the course of the game for your efforts?


Combat Training - Beef up your base attack some more, why not?

Endurance - Venom is a beefy boy, but it's good to be able to heal yourself in a pinch (effectively) as well as have a higher hitpoint pool to heal up with when you do a heal cycle (recovery in alter ego + Rebirth).

Hand Cannon - More buff to basic attack AND gives overkill, which can be important for clearing minions and not wasting your huge attacks. Also adds another weapon to your pool so hopefully you don't lose as many cards in setup...

Side Holster - So you can have all 4 of your guns at once :)