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neothechosen · 9856

I often get my hero packs a week after everybody has started posting decks and so, when Ironheart came out (and the usual flood of new decklists), I felt like I had nothing more to add. So I was a bit surprised to find out that no one had posted a decklist that intends to just abuse Brawn's abilities. This is the decklist I've been using with Iron Heart to do so.

Basic Idea

The basic idea is simple: play Brawn and keep him in play using Med Teams. Each Med Team becomes 6 more Brawn activations, which means up to 18 DMG or 12 THW (or a mix thereof) AND 6 resources, more than making up for the Med Team's cost and helping you with progress counters.

You can also heal Snowguard (with her 3 THW option) to have a solid thwarter in play all along if you want, an idea I later applied to Hulk ( to nice results.

Basic and Champions

Because I also wanted Champions allies, I made it a The Power in All of Us deck. It helps playing your allies, Helicarrier, Ingenuity, Champions Mobile Bunker, "Go for Champions!" and Avengers Mansion.

Because of this, the deck can get very strong in the resource side of things (Helicarrier, Ingenuity, Brawn) and also to draw more cards / cycle your deck to find useful stuff (Moon Girl, Nick Fury, Avengers Mansion, Champions Mobile Bunker). Moon Girl is very easy to get to draw 3 cards, thanks to Brawn, Ingenuity and The Power in All of Us.

Also, Assess the Situation helps when you need resources for progress counters, and also with your limited hand size at the start of the game.

Last, Pinpoint is useful when you want to cycle allies faster. Nick Fury and Moon Girl are my favorite targets. You play them, draw 3 cards, have them thwart for 2, block the villain, then you shuffle them back using Pinpoint. It could also be done with any other ally, most of them (besides Brawn, of course) are just passing by and blocking the villain after giving you a bonus from their ability.

Of course IronHeart's endgame is always the same: build up to version 3 and then melt the villain down with Photon Blasters, damage from progress counters, Brawn, while avoiding damage thanks to "Go for Champions!", New and Improved's tough card or allies blocking for you.

Have fun!


Jul 09, 2022 Marctimmins89 · 270

Haha I love that we had the same intentions with our decks (Brawn and Snowguard forever!) but with different implementations. I suspect that yours would be stronger because of the higher Ally count.