Decked Halls 2022: Day 5 - X-Men: The Last Stand

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KennedyHawk · 17096

This is the deck 5 of 12 for the 2022 MCM Decked Halls tradition. This year Kennedy is building 12 decks with one collection so you can build these decks and just enjoy some games with family and friends instead of stressing over deck builds this Holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Premise: Meme deck Last Stand X-Men style, no - not that cruddy movie. Make use of great X-Men economy using Uncanny X-Men or "To Me, My X-Men!" to spam X-Men allies - then combo with Thunderstorm, Get Ready and Last Stand.

Recommended Heroes:

Storm Wolverine Colossus (you'll need to cut the Colossus ally) Phoenix


  • Embarrassing some of these allies are used later - replace Professor X with Longshot at least until we get something better.
  • This deck is insanely fast. Storm has so many ways to just crush enemies quickly.
  • Within her kit you can use your hero ability to swap to Thunderstorm to deal 2 damage, then play Lightning Bolt for another 8 + 2. 12 Villain damage just by drawing into Lightning Bolt! Oh and Storm can attack for 3 so 15 total.
  • The deck adds more double digit turn, damage combos. With even Forge in play you can swap to Thunderstorm, for 2 + 2 from Forge's attack + 3 from Storm's attack. Now if you have Get Ready and Last Stand you can add 5 more hitting 12 damage really quickly.

Dec 05, 2022 Danimal0808 · 410

Love this! I have been having a lot of fun with storm rush decks. This definitely expands my thought process. I think I'm going to try swapping out last stand with go down swinging.