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ClassyRobot · 4466

Want to play Drax but want to try him outside of his mainstay Protection? Try this out!

Adam Warlock and Mantis can heal Drax for 3 each, respectively, really helping his longevity. Endurance is also an easy 3 health to stay alive. First Aid is more for your allies but ok to use in an emergency. Adam needs energy resources so we try to stack the deck with plenty of them.

In an emergency Push Ahead can be used, which also is a in case you need to randomly discard it for Warlock. 4er for up to 8 thwart isn’t too shabby. Clarity of Purpose can help ensure that happens.

Once at max Vengeance counters, you can start letting your allies intervene in damage mitigation, although if you’re really topped off the bonus card draw is quite nice.

Hawkeye is there for ensuring you are down to one in hand to ensure Warlock’s heal kicker, but is also a great candidate for Teamwork. Not useful? Adam can use that too! Kate is also a great way to ping toughs in an emergency to keep the attacks flying.

Strength In Numbers can also sub out for Teamwork, but Teamwork can be especially clutch in solo, when you use it on Mantis for a bonus thwart.

Command Team can help overcharge healing, allowing for Mantis to heal for another 3, or even better, heal twice and going out to consequential damage, into triggering Rapid Response to heal again, healing for 9 damage in a turn!

Adam and Mantis should only chump block in emergencies, but some of your allies may die and that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Never sleep on Warlock’s ability to thwart either, as those can mean the difference between a nasty side scheme being out or not.

As always DWI Theet Mastery is a must play when you see it followed by Drax's Knife. Drax really appreciates Unshakable if you can get it down but it’s a flex spot. Clarity of Purpose helps with some awkward hands and you’ll be healing damage anyway.

And that’s it! Get punched by the villain, heal up to full, and then…Destroy.


May 18, 2023 TonyStark · 47

Love having Adam Warlock help Mantis keep Drax topped off. Any thought to squeezing Major Victory in there somewhere to ready Drax again?

May 18, 2023 ClassyRobot · 4466

He’s a great addition! He was in the original build but I subbed him out for White Tiger to help with card cycling. You could easily swap them back out or even have both and go down to one Push Ahead.

May 19, 2023 Marctimmins89 · 291

Oh this is great! I've been sad with the variety I've been able to get into Drax builds, but this looks both strong and thematic. Will have to give it a go!

May 20, 2023 ClassyRobot · 4466

Let me know how it works out for you! It’s been really fun revisiting Guardians with the current card pool. Cheers!

Jun 13, 2023 mv2392 · 96

Great take on Drax. He'll play totally differently from the decks I've played for him. Won't have to just rush the villian in 5 or less turns or just lose!