Vous ne pouvez dépenser les ressources générées par cette carte que sous forme de héros.

Hulk #7. Hulk #11-12.
Force Illimitée

Let's address the million dollar question: Is this strictly worse than Energy Absorption? While the "hero form-only" restriction does limit its usability, it synergizes well with Hulk's entire hero-specific set and enables big, efficient plays with Sub-Orbital Leap, Drop Kick, and, of course, Hulk Smash in a way not dissimilar to how Energy Absorption enables Captain Marvel to make big, efficient plays with Photonic Blast and Energy Channel. The question, then, becomes not one of "Which card is better on paper?" but that of "Which deck can make better use of their respective 'big resource' card?" Hulk inherently has more cards that require strength kickers that arguably provide better effects than "Draw 1 card", but Captain Marvel has the advantage of being able to hold on to it or bank it by dumping it into Energy Channel. I think the answer ultimately comes down to how you value resources, whether you prefer to spend them right away or store them up over the long term.

SP_Rocks · 13