Cost: 1.

1 max par joueur.

Action de héros : inclinez Intense Concentration → réduisez de 1 le coût en ressources de la prochaine carte Super-Pouvoir que vous jouez lors de ce tour.

Convoitise Galactique #24.
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This is the strongest, though most restrictive, non-hero resource generator we've seen yet due to is low cost of only 1 resource. It's important to note that all current Superpower cards are hero cards (yes I'm pretending Invulnerability doesn't exist), so you can't actually build a deck around Deft Focus, but some heroes will benefit from it more than others. Here is a list of heroes ranked by how many of their cards can take advantage of Deft Focus. Obviously, this excludes cards like Fruition that are Superpowers but zero cost.

Tier 1: close to an auto-include

Quicksilver (13), Groot (12), Spider-Woman (9)

  • Deft Focus is obscene with these heroes simply due to how many Superpower cards they have.

Tier 2: warrants consideration

Hulk (6), She-Hulk (5), Scarlet Witch (5), Thor (5), Spider-Man (5), Captain Marvel (5), Ms. Marvel (5)

Iron Man (3): This can only pay for Repulsor Blast, but that card is super powerful and Deft Focus itself brings an energy resource to help justify it

Hope you like my breakdown, and let me know if you've tried it and found success, especially with the Tier 2 heroes!

Stretch22 · 49
Hey! I like that you took the time to count everyone of them, thx! This will be useful! — neothechosen · 2054
Scarlet Witch only has 4 cards that benefit from Deft Focus, because the timing doesn't allow you to use Deft Focus on Warp Reality. — OrionJA · 4
I think it won't work for SpiderMan's 'enhanced Spider sense', since you can't do a Hero Action (like Deft Focus does) in the villain phase, so it's 3 for Spidey — warboykurgan · 1