Hawkeye - Regroup! *Expert Solo & Multiplayer*

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rstorcdk · 284

Welcome to my version of a regroup deck with Hawkeye. This is a multiplayer deck where you are a bit of everything. You have allies that can thwart for 2, Maria Hill gives card draw for everyone (sometimes several times in a row) and you have spare allies to chumb block for your buddies. All that while you collect arrows and pump out decent numbers of damage each turn while being practically untouchable. Then add in that it's not unusual to play Nick Fury 3+ turns in a row? Sounds good eh? Let's start !

changes for solo Play add Quincarrier . Can be replaced with Down Time

The focus here is to get an engine rolling that can sustain allies to soak up damage (which is key for Hawkeye to survive) while your arrows fly. The win condition happens when you can get your Helicarrier and Quincarrier down. Then Regroup and Make the Call and play Nick fury 3+ turns in a row while your keep your quiver full of arrows. Once you get this going you'll be in your way to victory.

I found that too many resource cards would cause me to sometimes sit with a dead hand therefore I cut The Power in All of Us and The Power of Leadership down to 1 each.

The key cards:

  • Hawkeye's Quiver - Anyone who played Hawkeye before knows that this has to come out asap to get value. It's extremely powerful to have cards ready outside of your hand size to play when needed.

  • Nick Fury Is you number 1 target with Regroup

Early game: Ofc you hard mulligan for your quiver. It's essensial to winning! BUT, if you draw nick Fury + 1 resource card you keep that since that will help you draw into it faster. If you hard mulligan and get neither, you'll want an ally. If you don't even get that then you might have to consider staying in alter ego for a turn. Villains like Ronan/Goblin can kill you if you stay in Hero form with no ally on the table.

Mid game - End game: This is where Mockingbird and your quiver is in play. You now have unlimited amount of Chumb blocking. You can now focus on playing The Triskelion + you other upgrades and get 4 allies on the board. This is also where Kate Bishop gets her value. Keep playing Fury with Regroup and Make the Call. Now you can now use him for damage/thwarting. With Fury/hero power/arrows you will be dealing 12+ damage each round while being practically untouchable. This might not sound like much compared to heroes like quicksilver/star-lord, but remember that this can sometimes happen from turn 3-4 if you draw the right cards. With this you also have the opportunity to Chumb block for your team. This will increase their tempo tremendoulsy if they can safely play key upgrades instead of having to worry about getting hit. And remember that Fury can Block for yournallies as well, so borrowing their Helicarrier can give them a free block.


  • How to I get there asap? Cards like Maria Hill, Ironheart and Assess the Situation are there to get your key cards faster. In unlucky games they will chumb block for you while you keep drawing for you quiver. The other allies are there to increase your chances of getting a chumb blocker every turn until your engine starts rolling. Rapid Response is primarily a Maria Hill useage, but you can use it on fury if he blocks a villain attack and there's another player after you that he can block for. You can still trigger his response and help a buddy out.

  • Why do I need cards like Down Time and Endurance? If your ally gets discarded, if the villan has overkill, if Green Goblin plays I See You. A lot can go wrong and you'll want that ensurance in health and fast recovery to keep you from dying.

  • I feel bad about discarding arrows in my mulligan. Don't be. You will burn through your deck pretty fast and get them back. That's why it's essential to have no more than 40 cards because Hawkeye relies on drawing his arrows with his quiver.

  • Can I play this solo? You definitely can. I've tested this solo vs expert Mutagen formula and 1 time out of 5 I didn't win and that was because my quiver and Fury were dead last in my deck. You still need a bit of luck, but it will swing. I've also tried having Mockingbird, quiver, 2x regroup out and then playing Fury on turn 3 and that feels stupidly overpowered. You'll burst down the villain and win a few turns after. It's insane.

Now go out there and attack with fury ! (pun intended)


Sep 12, 2021 DaveL · 1

Another great deck! Everything makes sense here. But I honestly thought that you would be creating a Hulk deck next. I know you like him ;)

Sep 12, 2021 Ganzgut · 1

resource change makes sense. i hate those turns with 4 resource cards a 1 cost in hand. great improvements from the original . can i beat ronan with it?

Sep 12, 2021 rstorcdk · 284

@DaveL i f** hate how they treated Hulk and I will forever complain about it ;D

Sep 12, 2021 rstorcdk · 284

@Ganzgut I felt the same way. Got waaay too many turns where I started with nothing but resources and felt like I had to evolve the original deck. We are not at Ronan yet, but we beat RoRS and Ultron on expert. Just started Galaxy's last week so we will see :)

Sep 12, 2021 Teowym · 1

I havent tried the original deck but by using the draw function on this page I can clearly see that this deck provides better hands overall , cant wait to trybit out

Sep 13, 2021 rstorcdk · 284

@Teowym That was also my experience with Emperatore's original deck. I wanted to increase the chances of getting a good hand early.

Sep 14, 2021 teamcanadahockey2002 · 133

@rstorcdkCan I ask about Regroup? You phrase this in ways that make me think you have more than one copy out at a time. If I understand that correctly, wouldn't the forced interrupt discard both copies regardless at the end of the round? Is there a trick to having or playing more than one copy down that I am missing? Thanks!

Sep 14, 2021 rstorcdk · 284

@teamcanadahockey2002 Bad phrasing on my part. I definitely have to correct this :) I use helicarrier to pay for Regroup. Otherwise I use Make the Call to get Fury out, if he's discarded. At most times I get either and I often have copy of Regroup in my hand. I also often borrow Helicarriers/Avengers Mansion from my group mates if I sit with both Regroup and Fury and don't have double resource cards. I played it solo a few days ago and made a few adjustments

Sep 16, 2021 DaveL · 1

The update makes sense. I would not use rapid response on nick fury