The Vincible Iron Man's Tool Box

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M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 548

This is the Iron Man deck I've been running for quite some time now, and with the exception of the occasional brick on the first turn (after mulligan), I've had great success with it. Obviously, with the limited card pool, it's going to be similar to other decks out there, but I enjoy this build quite a bit. The reason it's the 'Vincible' Iron Man, is because his armor takes a beating and you find yourself down on HP quite a bit, this is why the First Aid and Downtime are in there, to get Tony back in the fight really quickly.

My philosophy with building decks has always been to build the most well rounded deck you can, that can meet the most varied amount of challenges, and then test it against the field. Especially in a non-competitive game like Marvel LCG, tailoring your deck to the scenario you're playing against is like kicking your golf ball when no one is looking. Who are you really helping by doing that? Iron Man, by the very nature of his signature cards, really gives him a toolbox to handle most scenarios thrown at him, Thwart multiple schemes, shoot multiple enemies or concentrate fire on a single enemy, dish out massive damage, draw big handsizes, ready multiple times, set himself up with plenty of HP to take big hits.

Heroic Intuition x3 for me is a must since it maximizes Iron Man's best stat, his Thwart, and the extras aren't wasted since they feed Repulsor Blast and can be played on your friends in multiplayer.

I'm trying to find the right balance between Foiled! and Great Responsibility, when I ran 3 Great Responsibilities it was used exclusively to power the boots. When Foiled came out, I tweaked the ratio, but I find I'm not able to go aerial with as much consistency. Might switch it to 2GR/1F. The only issue with more GR is your Repulsor Blasts don't hit with as much consistency.

I was playing Agent Coulson to have a low cost speed bump since Iron Man's DEF is terrible and he takes a pounding quite often. Once Phil went in, I threw in a Target Acquired so Phil had something to pull, but I'm still testing to see how much use I get out of it.

The deck easily cycles itself at least 3 times, if not 4 in Expert multiplayer games so you're seeing cards quite often. Because of this, you really don't have to worry about throwing cards away to get yourself setup, you'll see them all before long. Tony's monster hand size has me debating going up to 45 or 46 cards just to test consistency and see if I stall out.

Overall, this is my favorite (and most consistent) deck to play in both Solo and Multiplayer and the first deck I built (which was largely out of necessity, since my friends all picked other aspects to play the first time we played), it's got the tools to handle thwarting, big attacks, minions, and if Justice gets a Treachery canceller, it'll be even better. I keep coming back to it. :)