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Team Covenant · 343

This deck was birthed from the sadness of seeing Thor in play and running the numbers on his signature cards. Everything just seems...expensive, especially for a Hero who has a self-nuking 5/4 hand size that, ironically, is solved via a card that takes an entire turn to play - Asgard. Compare God of Thunder to Super-Soldier Serum, Shield Toss to Lightning Strike, etc. For such a significant downside in the 5/4 hand, nothing seems to make sense.

And really, that's what makes Thor so interesting.

The question answered by this deck isn't "How can we make Thor the best hero at the table?" but instead "How can we make Thor as good as possible?" To my surprise, that exploration led to a build that may indeed make him the best hero at the table if you get a number of fortunate minion draws.

Instead of trying to correct for Thor's hand size weakness, I wanted to play into it. Thor wants to be in Hero mode. You'll be having those 4-card hands. How can they play out as powerfully as possible?

The first step was making sure that the curve was ridiculously low. The second step was making sure to pack enough 1-cost cards to have an efficient "free" play after a Hammer Throw returned Mjolnir. Play Hammer Throw, use Mjolnir to play the 1-cost, then flip to Alter-Ego. That's peak Thor, so it needs to happen whenever possible.

The core of the deck is:

4 STR swings with Mjolnir and Combat Training.

Battle Fury with Hammer Throw to stand up and swing again or flip and recover.

Mean Swing and Skilled Strike to do big damage for 0-cost.

Jarnbjorn for the turns you need to Mean Swing and Hammer Throw on the same turn. It's 1-cost, and also gives the occasional damage by burning your "can't play" Battle Fury or Combat Training. Still testing the slot.

Sometimes I don't even play Asgard. You give up an entire turn to do so, and you really need to consider whether or not it's worth giving up your momentum. The games may not last long enough for a few extra cards to pan out.

Depending on the scenario, you might drop Chase Them Down and Tigra to have better Hulk odds, particularly if there's less minions dropping.

I'm running Down Time because Thor is about the only hero who can't afford allies to block attacks every turn, and he has a high enough health stat to need those bigger recovers. It's also 1-cost. Yes, I was wrong. It's a playable card. Top play here is Recover -> Use Mjolnir to play Lady Sif -> Recover again -> Play Mjolnir. Nothing like recovering 12 health.

I've been playing this on the Covenant streams, and honestly have been quite surprised with the results. It's really good. Unexpectedly good. And while it looks like you're just face tanking like Thor would, it takes a lot of finesse. You need all of your Hammer Throws to land (it's your best card) and you need to be exceedingly careful with your mulligan. If you have a clean hand, play it. Otherwise, you risk drawing into a Hammer Throw + Hammer Throw + Asgard hand and it's miserable.

Throughout the game, don't jump on the first chance to use your double resources. If you have a 4-card hand with a 2, 1, 1, Double in it, consider playing the 2-cost and keeping the double. Those double resources open up God of Thunder and Hammer Throw in a much more efficient way.

Once you get one God of Thunder out, you're going to start cruising. It's a huge priority, as it means you have Hammer Throw into 1-cost play + flip moving forward. Sometimes I won't play the second one. I'm still experimenting with it. Often, it's overkill, and if you're choosing between the second God of Thunder or a Hammer Throw, take Hammer Throw.

Ultimately, this is the best Thor deck I can build right now. It arose from a significant amount of testing and test draws. The curve just kept getting lower and lower as I found myself stuck on inefficient hands. Now things are running quite smoothly.

Best of all, I'm actually enjoying Thor. I might be enjoying Thor more than any other hero I've played. And maybe, just maybe, he's actually quite good.


You can see the first on-stream play here:

Win against Wrecking Crew Heroic with this deck here:

Win against Goblin Heroic + Ronan with the 3x Get Over Here, 1x Hall of Heroes variant here:

Inspiration for the deck name and insufferable inside joke on stream here:


Jul 27, 2020 ImpossibleGerman · 100

This is very interesting game theory for Thor, a hero that I think gets the short end of the straw. He can be so fun, and my favorite thing about this decklist is that it seems to understand the core of what makes him exciting instead of trying to patch his weaknesses. Excited to watch it on stream today.

Jul 27, 2020 KingOfRohan · 548

Hallelujah, YES. Lovin' the love for the God of Thunder.

Jul 28, 2020 Team Covenant · 343

Jarnbjorn was huge. Great include. I'd swap a Battle Fury for Hall of Heroes in situations with more minions (was playing Wrecking Crew). If a lot of minions, probably drop 1x Combat Training and 1x Mean Swing or Skilled Strike.

But then you're not...really...swingin'. Best of luck!

Jul 28, 2020 tiagoasmus · 2

It pleases me greatly seeing the love for the infamous Thor. I'm the lunatic running Thor-leadership on heroic 1 solo play and having a blast.

By the way, the last covenant streams for both arkham and marvel were amazing, true nailbiters!


Jul 28, 2020 dr00 · 1949

excellent write-up for an excellent deck, Steven. i've been theorycrafting a similar deck for Hulk ever since he was revealed, and i'm so glad to see someone put into words so eloquently what i was trying to figure out in my head. when i finally get down to testing that, i'll be thankful that you've laid down a bit of the groundwork for it already here with Thor.

i particularly appreciate you mentioning that sometimes you don't even play asgard to keep the tempo going.

also, using hammer throw to bounce Mjolnir, pay for a 1-cost card, then swap to odinson is just inspired. i've long-neglected Thor, but you're making me seriously reconsider my estimation of him

Jul 29, 2020 Team Covenant · 343

Matt Resner crunched the numbers on live chat. In our win against Wrecking Crew, Spidey Protection dealt 61 damage and Thor dealt 78 damage. Not bad, considering it's likely one of Thor's worst match ups.

Jul 30, 2020 CBRAvengerIronMan · 1

Thanks Steven. Your play throughs with Thor made me re-evaluate him and I have enjoyed playing with him WITH a second hero. I find he still is pretty hopeless as a solo hero getting easily beaten even by Standard Rhino simply because of the poor thwarting an Aggression Thor can bring.

Thor Aggression shines with a partner, preferably Justice but also Leadership hero can fill the gap allowing Thor to focus on bringing the Hammer down.

My own deck is almost identical except I have only 1 Combat Training and 1 Counter attack and putting in 2 Powers of Aggression as well as Hall of Heroes (the last as much for theme as anything else). Thank you for showing me (and hopefully everyone else) that Thor is not as disappointing as many experienced when he first came out.

regards David W (AUS)

Aug 05, 2020 nateparkes · 1

STEVEN. Thank you for giving the God of Thunder his due. I've always liked the challenge of Thor's play style, and I've had a lot of fun with him in multi-player. I look forward to trying out this build.

Also, you could have called this "Anatomy of Asgard." Just saying. Missed Opportunity.

  • Nate "Remember Monsterpocalypse?" Parkes

Aug 06, 2020 Team Covenant · 343

@nateparkes I totally missed that opportunity. What a great name! And of course I remember you from the MonPoc days. Those were incredible times - and we reflect on them (and folks like you) dearly.

I did try out the 3x Get Over Here, 1x Hall of Heroes build against Goblin Heroic 1 (alongside Zach with Widow Leadership), and it performed impressively. Like, truly great. I think the deck has arrived! Hopefully we'll get some other tools to take Thor into different aspects, but then's Thor.