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ClassyRobot · 2560

…it looks like rain.


No…that looks like Storm…

Storm is the second playable Omega Level mutant, and like her Soul Sisters Jean, I wanted a deck that had her abilities front and center, showing what she can really do. She does amazing in any aspect, but I wanted the storm clouds to roll in as quick as possible, resulting in Justice as the aspect to choose because of One Way or Another.

“This deck is a little…basic”

Justice also has the benefit of having strong, low cost cards, freeing up your resources. Justice Allies, on the other hand, don’t offer much benefit except if you wanted to optimize a deck for thwart in multiplayer. As such, the allies stay pretty grey and The Power in All of Us helps get them on the field. The three S.H.I.E.L.D allies are clearly Storm chasers.

The goal is to get one of these cards in your hand first thing, and prioritizing Storm's Crown, Deft Focus as cards to play first thing. Your weather deck starter will depend on the scenario…how pressing is it to remove threat/that scheme? If it’s gotta go right away you’ll want to start in Thunderstorm and swap to Hurricane when your damage is done, otherwise it’s to whatever the situation needs (usually whatever into Thunderstorm).

An ideal first turn would be getting the aforementioned upgrades out and an ally out to sacrifice to the Goddess, which is possible thanks to the card draw. Once the two upgrades are out, you are in complete control of the battlefield. You can remove up to 9 threat for one card from your hand with Torrential Rain, up to 15 damage for just 2 with Lightning Bolt, or any combination of the two, and that’s just the beginning of your hand that turn (numbers will vary depending on what Weather you have out and swap to, numbers given would be the maximum from a single event, after swapping to their respective weather card plus a basic ability)

Allies are still important to run interference for the villain’s attacks, especially when Flash Freeze isn’t in hand, but just in case you take a surprise attack, this deck packs plenty of thwarting ability to safely swap down, even if Storm’s AE is lackluster.

One Way or Another into Nick Fury is always a great combo, and cycles a ton of the deck, often setting up OTK’s. If you wanted to run Chance Encounter, he’d be my target almost every time. If I feel the scenario needs it I’ll also toss in Under Surveillance in for one of Turn the Tide. This card has saved me so much in the past so it always gets considered into my deck, especially solo.

This deck has been clearing Expert scenarios smoothly. A personal favorite moment was intentionally pulling Doomsday Chair with OWOA, and subsequently deleting Modok (again) and his scheme just for good measure, before finishing off the Villain.

Thanks for checking this out!