Owning the Means of Production

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dr00 · 40690

proletariat schmoletariateColossus' early attempts at flirting were met with mixed results

Hello comrades! Do you like receiving the fruits of your labour? Do you despair over the impending capitalist collapse that will kill us all if we do not establish socialism? Me too, comrade. Me too.

Seize the Means of Production

Increase your efficiency by thinning your deck and providing other players with tools to create value every turn:

All of the above cards can be played under any player's control and ideally should be played to other players. This is the ideal setup for a 2-player game, where anything with 1 copy should be given to your partner (Crew Quarters, Down Time, Endurance, Heroic Intuition, Sense of Justice), anything with 2 should be shared equally (Plan B, Skilled Investigator), and anything with 3 copies has enough utility (and discards) that you can simply use them as necessary (Justice Served, Ready to Rumble).

Work-life Balance

Remember to keep a good work-life balance by flipping often. Paint a little, go to the movies with your girlfriend, just enjoy life comrade. Every time you flip to Alter-Ego, embrace your Aspiring Artist abilities and shuffle in all the things that motivate you, like protecting your loved ones or fighting capitalist dogs.

Power to the Proletariat

Uncle Karl values hard work and determination. One Way or Another, you will succeed. You have Limitless Stamina and a Deft Focus to work until the task is completed, because you are Ready to Rumble at the start of each day after a night of quality rest and relaxation.

Work together with your fellow comrades to take shifts. In a 2+ player game, you can use Steel Fist almost every round to stun and confuse the villain. With one player in hero form and another in alter-ego, stop two villain activations every round. But there are many other options. Bulletproof Protector along with Limitless Stamina could leverage your impressive ATK, especially when you are Made of Rage. Just be sure to flex your Iron Will, Organic Steel, and Titanium Muscles.

You will also help fuel your deck by digging for Side Schemes. Then, will help your fellow comrades help you with Heroic Intuition and Sense of Justice to empower them and Justice Served and Skilled Investigator to reward them.

If that doesn't work, there's always Plan B to help increase efficiency by burning any leftover card in your hand at the end of the round.

Professional Development

The future looks bright for hardworking comrades. Earn extra certifications to improve your career prospects with Mutant Education and shuffle in your most important pieces even more often; draw an extra card when you have X-Mansion in play. Unlock your X-Gene to help pay for those strong events, but keep in mind that Deft Focus is a priority since it will also help pay for your upgrades. Moira MacTaggert is another solid card, especially if you plan to shuffle in Armor Up. It's a 7-card hand size every round if you can keep it going.

However, not every shareable upgrade is necessary. Many definitely depend on how you and your group play, and having both Down Time and Crew Quarters for example are probably a bit overkill. As you add extra players, it may be helpful to diversify your portfolio, so see what works right for you. Definitely prioritise extra copies of Endurance, Plan B, and especially Skilled Investigator as you add more players.

COLOSSUSColossus still struggles with flirting but we believe one day he'll get the hang of it


Feb 03, 2023 journeyman2 · 21337

Multiplayer support Colossus makes so much sense! He doesn’t need much outside of his kit, so just thin that deck and boost the team. Feels thematic too!!

Feb 04, 2023 Marctimmins89 · 279

I could see myself struggling to actually remove threat early on, especially if I can't find Heroic Intuition or Iron Will in my opening hand. Any suggested swaps that might help that?

Feb 04, 2023 dr00 · 40690

@Marctimmins89 this is not a solo deck and basically shouldn't really thwart, despite being justice. it helps fuel other players at the table while dealing out tons of damage. that said, Armor Up and Steel Fist should help immensely with preventing much threat from accumulating. if you're struggling, Great Responsibility is another tool that can help with threat prevention

Feb 27, 2023 Schmendrix · 5098

I love this deck. We need more dedicated multiplayer concepts.

Feb 28, 2023 VJakson · 23

This confused the hell outta me, until I saw what you are doing! So awesome to see a fully MP focused deck shared. Big ups! Love it

Feb 28, 2023 dr00 · 40690

@Schmendrix no u <3

@VJakson yeah, it's a bit of a weird one, but it's a really fun deck to play with new players especially. you just power everyone up and let them do their thing