Psylocke finds Tenacious Purpose Again and Again

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Caldias · 379

Psylocke Thinks

Sometimes we all need to take a moment and engage in some mindfulness.

Go outside.

Feel the breeze.

Play energy barrier.

Take a walk.

Lay in the sun.

Put down a plasma pistol.

Get punched in the face.

Find purpose. Maybe twice.

Become a human blender and destroy the villain!

Or something along those lines. I've been noodling over repurpose decks with Psylocke like VillainTheory mentioned on his podcast and some others:

I've landed in a similar place as others, but one thing that I've changed is including Plasma Pistol. This is a basic tech card, and unlike Energy Barrier, you can get a use out of it before you absorb it for pink butterfly mind magic (also the name of Psylocke's Erasure cover band). I find 2 cost is a good return on investment for Repurpose, and sometimes it's hard to justify playing Forcefield Generator.

I'm also revisiting the much-reviled Tenacity, which could make her turns even bigger if you can get the space to set it up.

Quick Rundown: Allies: Karma and Professor X are Psionic and so are you! So you can put them in the deck and pull them back out with Cerebro, handy when you need to take some me time in Alter-Ego.

Events: Her signature events are great! The real MVP here is Repurpose readies you and increases your stats, and What Doesn't Kill Me is a way we can ready for one last 7 damage or 7 thwart swing. We want to take damage so we can play the card, and luckily Psylocke's Psi-Katana can play the kicker. I find I often want to have one on Psi-Knife and one on Psi-Katana so we can pay fist but also flip to knife if we need to thwart.

Resources: We don't have any engine cards outside of doubles, so we have a couple Power of Minds that could potentially become a Helicarrier and Build Support for some swaps.

Supports: Defensive Training shuffles those sweet Repurpose cards back in your deck for Training Regimen to fetch for you when you want them. The Night Nurse keeps stun and confuse away so you don't need to waste any basic activations clearing it.

Upgrades: Energy Barrier and Plasma Pistol keep you up and swinging with Repurpose, and Side Holster lets you play Plasma Pistol without discarding it or having an awkward swing without both Psi-Katana's up. Tenacity isn't something everyone loves, but I feel with Psylocke's cash money, it's a card you can play if you intend to stay down, and make use of it on big repurpose turns. Like What Doesn't Kill Me, you can easily pay the kicker for it with your Psi-Katanas.

So don't forget to treat yourself to a walk. Take your time. Get ready. And go show the villain what a psionic practicing mindfulness can do.


Oct 03, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 2322

Awesome! Psylocke gets a lot out of readies so tenacity is an inspired choice and can totally see it working out. Psylocke can have floating resources at times.

Oct 03, 2023 VJakson · 23

This is such a cool idea with her! The interaction of her on board resources with What doesn't kill me and tenacity is inspired!

Oct 03, 2023 corbintm · 666

Excited to try this out! Good stuff

Oct 03, 2023 Caldias · 379

Thanks all! Appreciate you folks taking a look!

Oct 04, 2023 dr00 · 35919

but i thought Tenacity was bad! man, i love when people find a way to make 'bad' cards good. i'd say getting to 5 ATK and splitting up the cost over multiple turns is a pretty good spot!

Oct 04, 2023 VillainTheory · 20209

Fantastic deck. I was working on a similar Repurpose build but I had completely overlooked how good Tenacity could be with her for the big combos.

While I've been able to hit solo game-ending combos without it, I can see this adding a ton of consistency and making it that much easier overall. Can't wait to try it!

Oct 04, 2023 Caldias · 379

@dr00 It's fun to dig back into the ol' core set basics to see if anything worthwhile shakes you. Thank you!

@VillainTheory I appreciate it! I love your creative deckbuilds and can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Oct 04, 2023 josseroo · 433

Great to see some folks taking Tenacity out for a stroll in their repurpose decks these days.

For those that might like a couple more allies, I'd say The Power of the Mind could easily be swapped out.

Nov 14, 2023 Wt200 · 1

Could I ask how you deal with damage in this type of deck? I played a few villains in standard in quite quick wins, but wonder how you would play vs villains that take longer and deal more damage. (Btw I am really enjoying this deck)