Manigance Annexe Joueur
Cost: 1.
Threat: 3.

Victoire 0.

Une fois déjouée : chaque joueur peut chercher un soutien ayant un coût de 3 ou moins dans son deck ou sa pile de défausse et le mettre en jeu. (Mélangez.)

"J'ai exactement ce qu'il te faut." — Forge
Emanuele Simoncini
NeXt Evolution #27.
Construire un Soutien

Build Support is one of the most influential cards from Next Evolution due to its deckbuilding implications. In the average deck, it can cheat out a resource generator like Helicarrier or The X-Jet, for many heroes it can grab an even more powerful support like The Golden City or Asgard, and it introduces greater ability to build your deck around a specific single support like Web of Life and Destiny or Uncanny X-Men. Note that like Make the Call for allies, Build Support can bypass play restrictions on cards like Knowhere, which can make for some unique cross-team builds. Some of my favorite heroes to play this with so far are Cable, since it is a fantastic side scheme to put in at Setup, and Phoenix and Psylocke, who can clear it with one basic thwart activation even on turn 1. This player side scheme scales well to multiplayer too since everyone should have an eligible support, unlike some others that are more circumstantial. A great card to build around entirely or slot into existing decks to make them more consistent.

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