Let Hulk Be Hulk Smash!

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andyr · 5329


This deck makes big plays with few decisions points. This deck can dish out damage without much set up. It was built for multiplayer but can be successful in solo. It just needs allies prioritized to help with thwarting while Hulk smashes and delivers leading blows.

Do as much hitting as you want. When you draw a Counter-Punch and no Leading Blow, then defend and use the Counter-Punch.

Play Adrenaline Rush or use resources for Blade and Machine Man if you have left over cards before your turn ends.

If you are going to be playing a scenario that enjoys stunning and confusing heroes, add in Unshakable. The deck still does exactly what it's supposed to at 41 cards.

This deck is a “Timmy” deck built for my friend Johnny, even though I usually play “Johnny” decks (…and I’ve yet to play with a “Spike” player or a player named “Spike…). Either way, he wants to make big plays and be done with his turns. Hulk is the perfect hero for the job. Threat starting to get dicey? Sub-Orbital Leap will take out a side scheme. Lots of minions? Leading Blow can (most likely) take them out and ready Hulk. And of course, you can smack the villain around with Hulk Smash.

So if you or your friend want a hero with little setup but lots of hits, this is the deck to build!

P.S. The Timmy, Johnny, and Spike player types can be found here. It helped me learn how to build MC decks for my friends even though I don't play magic.


Dec 21, 2023 AncientEpithet · 718

Adrenaline Rush is a very nice tech choice given them decks emphasis on readying and using his basic attack! I appreciate the thought that went into who you were designing the deck for and how you built to keep the decision points low but a likelihood for something to do on every turn high. Love it!

Dec 22, 2023 andyr · 5329

Thanks! I really appreciate that. It was fun to find another use for Adrenaline Rush

Dec 25, 2023 boothwah · 69

Love it. Going to build it for a friend that loves the game, and is definitely a Timmy. Such a clean build. I will probably switch out one Leading Blow or Adrenaline Rush for a Night Nurse, because stun sucks.

Dec 25, 2023 andyr · 5329

@boothwah thanks so much! I hope it goes well. You can also use Unshakable to help with the stun, but I love the idea of subbing out an Adrenaline Rush for The Night Nurse.

Feb 10, 2024 walla151 · 8

Love what this deck is doing. I’ll be teaching my sister in law to play and this seems perfect for her.

Feb 10, 2024 andyr · 5329

@walla151 thanks so much! it's definitely a great deck for that. there may need to be a little coaching on event interrupts and responses, but I hope it goes well!

Mar 02, 2024 GhostWithKnife · 71

The deck is awesome! It's cool seeing Hulk outside of red!

That said, today I found out I'm a Johnny.

Mar 03, 2024 andyr · 5329

@GhostWithKnife thanks! And it’s definitely fun to see my friends and myself through that deckbuilding lens :)

Mar 27, 2024 joshieofsmeg · 1

@andyr Thanks for adding my playthrough of your deck to the description!

Mar 27, 2024 andyr · 5329

Absolutely, @joshieofsmeg! Thanks for playing it and for your advocacy of Hulk. He’s a great hero, and I’m glad you’re playing him and showing others how to do that well!