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teamcanadahockey2002 · 7549

This deck aims to take advantage of a new card that I don't think has seen much play - Mission Planning. In fact, as of the posting of this deck, there isn't a single published deck involving Mission Planning and what I believe is the most logical target - Quicksilver. With Quicksilver's ability to ready once per turn, plus his Avengers tag giving him access to a Sky Cycle, he can perform a basic activation 3x per turn which already gives Mission Planning a very fair rate of return. Anything on top of that is going to be amazing value.

So the main strategy of this deck should hopefully speak for itself - find a Player Side scheme to defeat and get Quicksilver into play. NOTE: Call for Backup does both. Once this is in play, you have what you need to play Mission Planning whenever you see it. The Sky Cycle is also a priority play, but I'd also prioritize Inspired the first time you see it. This makes Quicksilver ATK3 and THW2 every time you use him. If you get him fully Voltron-ed up with the Power Gloves and Sidearm, he becomes ATK4, THW2, with a ping damage every time. Even without any other allies out, for the 3ER of a Mission Planning, getting 15 Damage per turn is absolutely redonkulous.

But there are two other allies in this deck, chosen very specifically. The first is Gamora who requires a little finesse to get into play. You have two ways to cheat her into play, being the Call for Backup side scheme if you don't need it for Quicksilver. The other is to use the Summoning Spell. Then, if you've activated the Mission Planning, she will draw you a card every turn, and maybe even another copy of Mission Planning. One option is to hold that for the next turn...

... the other is to use Domino to put it back on top of your deck to draw at the end of the turn. With both Domino and Gamora immune to taking consequential damage, the ideal scenario is that you start your turn playing a copy of Mission Planning. Then, with your incredible card cycling including Spiritual Meditation, Hex Bolt, Gamora, Agatha Harkness and Superpowered Siblings, you use Domino as one of your last actions to put a new Mission Planning away for next turn.

Speaking of card cycling, if you're willing to flip (and I do!), this deck offers some pretty crazy amounts. You will likely see a solid 10+ cards per turn, so your ability to keep playing Mission Planning every turn is quite reliable. Just be aware that this is a Hero Response, so you need to play it before you flip down. Sadly, Gamora's response will also turn off once you flip down, but Domino's does not.

This deck chose to prioritize getting more upgrades on Quicksilver rather than add more cards with readying effects. There is certainly a case to be made to include Command Team and Get Ready. However, if you're keeping to 40 cards, then you'll need to choose between lowing the amount of double resources in the deck, the number of upgrades to put on Quicksilver and/or the other allies in play.

The 40th card in this deck is Crew Quarters, but this is very much a flex spot depending on play preference. I absolutely love to flip every turn and lean into it with Scarlet Witch with Agatha and Quicksilver down, you get +2 cards every turn so I think it's worth it. However, there is no reliable source of blocking damage here. I like using a blend of Magic Shield on myself and Crew Quarters. There are other options.

Hope you'll give it a try. As always, appreciate a like and/or a comment. Until next time Champions...


Jun 03, 2024 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7549

Throwing this out there for anyone reading... what do people think about Mission Training? Has it been anything other than binder fodder so far?

Jun 03, 2024 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7549

^ Edit above ^: I meant Mission Planning.

Jun 04, 2024 InigoMontoya · 4322

I love this! I'll have to try it out the next time I play. Since you have Summoning Spell, was there any thought to using Dum Dum Dugan with Mission Planning? Maybe even add Helicarrier.

Jun 04, 2024 Swarles90 · 1

Really like the deck idea! What are your thoughts on adding Sidekick so you can use suit up and side by side to get even more value out of Quicksilver? Although I guess it's difficult to choose which cards to remove to make space.

Jun 04, 2024 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7549

@InigoMontoya Dum Dum was a possibility, along with Heimdall and Giant Man actually. With Chaos Magic and Summoning Spell, getting a 5 cost ally out cheap is a real thought.

I ended up going for the Gamora and Domino combo because I personally prefer the regularity of knowing I can play a Mission Planning every turn. I don't find I'm usually too lacking in damage.

Also thought about adding in Helicarrier as a target for Build Support but endes up going with Crew Quarters as the 40th card. That has flex for sure.

@Swarles90 I originally thought of Side by Side but realized that I didnt really need the ready for SW and although stacking bonuses on QS is fun, it was better to just add Inspired and Power Gloves to increase his stats.

Ultimately, Get Ready and Command Teams were actually the next change after getting rid of Side by Side but I found that I preferred to have more allies who smooth out the repetative process of playing Mission Planning who also I get regular free ATK or THW from. With Gamora/Domino down, they basically add 4 ATK which is about the same as getting another ready for QS so I find their constant abilities worth it more.

Jun 04, 2024 CANAS1AN · 1

how did you see that no decks used Mission Planning?

Jun 05, 2024 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7549

Hi @CANAS1AN! Thanks for the question.

If you click on Decklists and then do an Advanced Search, you can type in cards to see which published decks have certain combinations.

As of this comment, Mission Planning shows me 7 pages with 12 decks per page. These can then be searched and filtered based on a specific Hero or combined with other cards.

(To compare, Mission Leader - which came out in the exact same box - already has 20 pages at 12 decks per page, while Make The Call from the Core Set has roughly 372 x 12 published decks. Nick Fury is in roughly 920 x 12 published decks!)

Jun 05, 2024 VillainTheory · 24868

Love to see a fun Mission Planning deck! I talked about it with Scarlet Witch in one of my earlier videos. Very cool. I've enjoyed it with Command Team, Mighty Avengers and a couple of Avenger allies instead but the way you've built it seems excellent!

Haven't tried it since we got Specialized Training, seems worth revisiting! Nice one.

Jun 05, 2024 Swarles90 · 1

@teamcanadahockey2002Thanks for the reply - makes sense :) Definitely going to give this deck a go!

Jun 05, 2024 Kazlavitz · 29

tried this deck today, made a mock of expert apocalypse 2. really cool. it helps that scarlet witch is just a beast with her kit alone :D

Jun 06, 2024 mv2392 · 96

So far I've only ran it next to Avengers/SIN builds. It works out pretty awesome there. Giant Man is a beast and can do some heavy lifting, and sometimes you get Avengers Assemble and you've almost surely drawn into Mission Planning by that point with SIN. It worked well in both cases. Haven't tried it in a voltron type build like you did here, it's a cool idea.

Jun 06, 2024 CANAS1AN · 1

thanks for the info! that's super cool

Jun 06, 2024 journeyman2 · 21769

It’s nice to see someone trying to find new, unique ideas in a post-clickbait db! Always a fan of yours, keep it up

Jun 06, 2024 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7549

@journeyman2 Thank you my friend. Speaking of clickbait ;) - - I'm hoping to share my take on that Side-by-Side Nova deck next.

Im gonna promise 1001 Damage lol

Jun 10, 2024 Werdandi · 1

Such a cool idea, thanks for sharing!