Cost: 1.

Attachez cette carte à un allié. 1 max par allié.

L'allié attaché gagne +1 CTR et +1 ATQ.

"Je suis content qu'elle soit de notre côté." -- Star-Lord
Boîte de base #74.

Worthy of Inspiration:

Probably Not Worth Inspiring:

  • Black Widow - 2 health and you'll be exhausting for her ability.
  • Hawkeye - there's an argument for it, but nah. 2/2 isn't worth it.
  • Luke Cage - most of the time you're going to just tank with him twice.
  • Maria Hill - 2 HP, and you want to chump-block with her for Make the Call.
  • Mockingbird - she's a flashbang and a block.
  • Nick Fury - seriously? YOU'RE going to inspire Nick Fury? He's going to leave halfway through your speech.
  • Shuri - 2 HP, Tutor and Block.
  • War Machine - If you actually installed Rhodey, he's probably skeeting Ultron Drones for you.
  • Hellcat - She'll lose Inspired when she does what she does. Situationally might be worth it for the THW.
Voidrift · 48
Note: with the release of Wonder Man, we have another great Inspired target. 1 short of Electrified Inspired Vision per round in damage, but way less overhead and doesn't care about energy results. — Voidrift · 48
Note: You can’t do a few of these at the moment as you can’t have two aspects, this will be more relevant when spider woman gets released. — Chrispw87 · 5