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Scarlet Witch Turbo Draw and Build HEROIC clearing 0 0 0 1.0

L3w15 7 · 4812

I've been really excited to share this very powerful deck as I've been playing Scarlet Witch for a while. Initially I was going through scenarios on Expert, but this deck was having no issues so I stepped it up to Heroic. This deck has so far cleared the following scenarios solo:

EXPERT Rhino/Bomb Scare (1st attempt) EXPERT Klaw/Masters of Evil(1st attempt) EXPERT Ultro/Under Attack (1st attempt) HEROIC 2 Risky Business/A Mess of Things (1st attempt) HEROIC 1 Mutagen Formula/Goblin Gimmicks (2nd attempt) HEROIC 1 Kang/Anachronauts (1st attempt)

Full Red Skull Campaign: HEROIC 1 Crossbones (2nd attempt) HEROIC 1 Absorbing Man (1st attempt) HEROIC 1 Taskmaster (1st attempt) HEROIC 1 Zola (1st attempt) HEROIC 1 Red Skull (1st attempt)

Deck Concept As always, I start deckbuilding by looking at a heroes strengths and weaknesses. Scarlet Witch's Strengths: Card Draw Low cost powerful events Very powerful first turns when compared to other heroes

Scarlet Witch's weaknesses Low permanent upgrades/resource generation Acceleration tokens

So, the idea with the deck was to develop something which really took advantage of her high card draw and big first turns to allow her to quickly and safely transition into a built up setup using non hero aspect/basic permanents. Double resources (and Chaos Magic) are key here - and Scarlet Witch will see them a LOT.

Once Set up the aim is to very quickly cycle through your deck taking advantage of her powerful events to win swiftly. By the midgame you should be playing at least 2 (often 3) Hex Bolt every turn.

The Draw and Build Spiritual Meditation, The Sorcerer Supreme and her alter ego ability give Scarlet Witch an incredible amount of draw that allow her to see so much of her deck so quickly. This means it is very easy to find specific card combinations. This deck is designed to be VERY aggressive when using that draw. You should be mulliganing away anything that isn't an extra resource/Chaos Magic or a key support/upgrade. Occasionally Nick Fury Fury can be kept - playing him off of Chaos Magic lets you draw 3 cards whilst only spending 2.

Turn 1 you should be able to develop MULTIPLE permanent upgrades/resources. I have had games where turn 1 I have brought out Quincarrier, Helicarrier AND Nick Fury. This is because you are drawing so many ways to draw that you WILL find your permanents, and you should have enough extra resource cards to pay for them easily.

Allies Early builds of this deck ran more allies. I initially played Lockjaw, Spider-Man and even War Machine to make sure The Power in All of Us was always live. However, that just turned out not to be necessary thanks to all of the card draw. I chose to only play what I believed were the strongest allies.

Ironheart and Nick Fury both help to keep the cycle up, Heimdall (Chaos Magic anyone?) and Wiccan both have strong synergy with Scarlet Witch's kit and Mockingbird is just good...

Justice First and foremost this deck is actually really just a basic deck with a justice splash. I once hoped to be able to include The Power of Justice as well, but there isn't enough room or good 2+ cost Justice cards to warrant it.

I chose justice because I believe it has the 2 strongest aspect event cards: Clear the Area and Turn the Tide. Clear the Area is like a mini Hex Bolt that only discarded 2 cards but hit 1 and 2 boost icons. The draw synergises with the deck's gameplan as well. Turn the Tide deals 3 damage for 1 card, with a token requirement - the card is BUSTED. Since the gameplan is to play lots of Hex Bolt which can be unpredictable and might not fully deal with a problem, having cheap ways to clean up afterwards is really nice.

Under Surveillance helps with potential acceleration tokens, and Skilled Investigator further capitalises on the thwart.

Conclusion This deck is very powerful, and it also asks you to think a lot. It won't be uncommon for you to look at a 8+ card hand and wonder if you can kill the villain that turn. The deck is good enough to win even if you do make mistakes, but if you play it perfectly it's just crazy!


Mar 08, 2021 BeatDGameMC · 862

were you using turn the tide with hex bolt

Mar 08, 2021 L3w15 7 · 4812

@BeatDGameMC No, you can't use it with Hex Bolt because it doesn't "thwart". You can only use it with Clear the Area or just your basic thwart action.

That's more than enough though to be able to regularly trigger it.

Mar 08, 2021 Dragonclaw · 2

What is the Wiccan interaction with her kit, other than doing more of the same (discard for bonus)?

Mar 08, 2021 L3w15 7 · 4812

@Dragonclaw You can modulate it with her crest or reroll it with her hero power. Plus you can use Heimdall to put a high boost card on top.

It isn't super relevant, but it's enough to make Wiccan slightly better than in a different deck. And Wiccan is a pretty strong ally as is. Even if you just hit 1 boost icon each activation he's still 2 cost to thwart 3 and deal 3.

Mar 08, 2021 DualPlayer · 1

Great Deck! I tested it dual and solo, both times very smooth. Sometimes a guard minion can screw you up (looking at you Hydra Soldier). I replaced Heimdall with War Machine. I like his versatility more.

I don't like the grey only decks, but this approach is very handy. I found it very interesting, that Scarlet Witch on her own kit doesn't need much setup. This changes imho with this build, but if something goes wrong she can come out swinging.

@L3w15 7Did you consider Spider-Man as an ally? He is quite much on the hype train.

Mar 08, 2021 L3w15 7 · 4812

@DualPlayer Remember with guard minions that hex bolt doesn't attack so can get around them if need be. Funnily enough when I played against Kang he brought out two copies temporal shield. I got around it by just killing him with multiple copies of hex bolt instead!

With Spiderman I did originally test him (and lockjaw and warmachine). Ultimately I cut all of them. Typically you only really want 1 ally our per turn and the rest of your hand just wants to be hex bolts, clear the areas and turn the tides to combo off. With the large amount of draw I found I didn't need to play as many allies so I cut the weaker ones. Spiderman was the last one to get cut. He's definitely good, I just think he slightly misses out.

Mar 10, 2021 wehehe · 26

Really nice and fun to play deck. I built it yesterday and crushed Kang in solo game. Then, my girlfriend used it in a two players game where I was playing Black Panther leadership and also crushed Kang. We started last round with Kang standing at 12 live. We keep counting to see how many damage we can deal, and its final HP were -42. Also we cleared the plan, and defeated 2 minions (one of them a tyranosaur). Is so great to draw 10-12 cards, play 2 hex bolts and 2 molecular decay in the same round. Great job with this deck !!!

Mar 10, 2021 L3w15 7 · 4812


That sounds awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!

Mar 11, 2021 DualPlayer · 1

@L3w15 7Thank you, I missed that point with Hex Bolt. I played vs Kang together with my wife and she killed him very easily. With the current card pool I can’t see any room for improvement. Almost a bit frustrating ;)

Mar 12, 2021 Kenji · 15

This deck is ridiculous, Chaos magic is ridiculous, expert Klaw/Kree Fanatic in mp was so easy. I need to test with Ultron, Green Goblin and Zola. But I think I'm gonna quickly switch to heroic even with Kree fanatic set

Mar 12, 2021 Dreadreaper · 1

I don't think Chaos Magic works with Heimdall's effect. You play Heimdall, resolve his text, and then discard the cards you just looked at.

Mar 13, 2021 jojothemighty · 1

Good work. I just ordered my scarlet witch pack but this is the direction I was thinking I would go in. Justice/ build for sure.

Mar 13, 2021 L3w15 7 · 4812

@jojothemighty I think you might be right actually.

It isn't a huge deal though I don't think. When you pay for him properly using 2 double resource cards and a helicarrier then he will still help you set up your first hex bolt.

And when you play him for free it doesn't really matter that he's a vanilla because he's still incredible value.

Mar 13, 2021 TheLightdarker · 1

I hadn't played for a few months, and my second game back was this deck. What a blast! Very fun, extremely effective. Thanks very much for sharing this list.

Mar 17, 2021 Sloth Man · 1

@L3w15 7 don't you resolve the complete hero action from "chaos magic", before triggering Heimdall's response ability, since it's a response and not an (forced) interrupt? i would play chaos magic, put Heimdall into play and discard 5 cards from the encounter deck. (chaos magic is resolved now). Then i would trigger Heimdall's response ability.

nice write up btw! looking forward to try some of your decks :)

Mar 17, 2021 L3w15 7 · 4812

@Sloth Man I had originally assumed that as well as that is more consistent with other games I've played.

I think @Dreadreaper is correct though. You resolve it line by line fully. So the first line is to play the card ignoring its resource cost, and as a result triggering the response effect, and then the second line is to discard the top cards from the deck.

Mar 21, 2021 dr00 · 10043

what a fun deck. wiccan is such an insanely good ally for any hero and especially so for Wanda

Mar 22, 2021 takabrash · 1

This deck is a beast. I don't even miss Beat Cop- no one I've played against so far can keep more than one or two threat on a scheme for more than one turn lol

Apr 15, 2021 gustave154 · 9

Just beat Ronan Heroic with this deck. Granted I got pretty lucky with molecular decay and wiccan flips but damn it felt good

Jun 06, 2021 SUl3Z3RO · 1

This Deck Is Beast! However, I find it not very effective in 4 player game in a specific scenario where you need to invest in heavy thwart. But, man I do love this build.

Jun 20, 2021 TrashPanda · 580

Scarlet Witch is the Chaos queen!

Jun 27, 2021 Kylemack73 · 2

love this deck ..... sooo good

Jun 28, 2021 Royden · 1

interested to try this out!

Jul 05, 2021 Millenhero · 2

is this a rush kind of deck? or can you also play this to control the battlefield? like making sure the minions are always dead before attacking the villain, keeping threat low, or do you need to rush?

Jul 05, 2021 L3w15 7 · 4812

@Millenhero I typically play it to control the board. There's plenty of tools to repeatedly keep the threat count at 0 (with clear the area and turn the tide both giving you a good reason to do so).

Generally, the unpredictability of scarlet witch's hex bolts makes a rush tactic unwise in my opinion. Rush tactics work if your deck is capable of throwing all of your resources into damage. But this deck wants to clear everything every turn.

The goal should be to play hex bolts early in the turn and just see what happens. And then based on what's left you decide how best to clean up.

You should be aiming to remove every side scheme and every minion every turn.

Jul 09, 2021 forcehostage · 1

There is a copy of #Quincarrier in The Wasp Hero pack, so you don't need to own Black Widow to build this deck as currently listed.

Jul 09, 2021 forcehostage · 1

Quincarrier sorry just an fyi

Jul 09, 2021 L3w15 7 · 4812

@forcehostage The way the packs required is done is a little unintuitive, but I don't think it's actually incorrect in which packs it lists (though the total doesn't need to be 14).

The only actual packs required are Thor, Doctor Strange, The Rise of Red Skull, Wasp, Scarlet Witch and the core set.

However, all of the required cards from the core set have also been reprinted elsewhere so you could technically obtain all of the cards without owning the core set.

For example, nick fury could be obtained from the core set OR from the Black widow hero pack. That's why it lists "Black Widow / Core set".

Jul 15, 2021 KillerKlaw75 · 1

How does this deck fair against Ronan? Also, your stats for the games you cleared using this deck... were they done solo, 2p, 3p, 4p, or a mix?

In your opinion, do you think this deck plays best solo, or some other player count? Or equally well in either solo or mp?

Very much looking forward to trying this! Thanks for this build! SW is one of my favorite marvel characters, but I can't deck build outside of a paper bag!

Jul 16, 2021 KillerKlaw75 · 1

@L3w15 7 Ok, I just tried this deck against Rhino Expert (solo) Legions of Hydra. He did a total of 1 damage during the entire game and I don't think he ever had more than 3 threat on the main scheme at a time (often at 0 threat).

Those hex much stun locking. And the incredibly fast set up (I think I had something like, Sorcerer Supreme + Quincarrier on the first turn, then the Helicarrier + SW Circlet on the second turn!).

Thanks again, so much fun!

Jul 23, 2021 thebrandt · 296

Have you tried the deck against the expert GMW campaign?

Jul 31, 2021 Yepesnopes · 1

Cool deck. My only but is that you use Sorcerer Supreme... Dr. Strange does not approve!

Jul 31, 2021 L3w15 7 · 4812

@Yepesnopes It isn't really designed to be thematic. It's just designed to be good. Sorcerer supreme is a good card that Scarlet Witch is allowed to play since she has the mystic trait.

Aug 01, 2021 Yepesnopes · 1

I know, I know :)

Now, If I don't want to play with Sorcerer Supreme, which card would you put in the deck instead?

Aug 04, 2021 MarvelMan · 1

Great deck. Thanks for sharing... it plays so differently, makes you think, and makes you look at each scenario in a different light.

Aug 05, 2021 KillerKlaw75 · 1

@L3w15 7 Just out of curiosity, do you think this deck plays better in solo or MP? It feels like Hex Bolt + Crest is better in solo? (ie, both confusing and stunning villain in one turn). I'm debating who to take for my first GMW attempt.

Aug 05, 2021 L3w15 7 · 4812

@Yepesnopes Honestly there isn't an 'obvious' replacement. I would probably go with something like Spiderman (miles Morales). He's a very strong ally, and if you're taking out sorcerer supreme then you'd want to add in another basic card to make sure power in all of us still has enough targets.

@KillerKlaw75 I built it primarily for solo so that's what I would say it's best at. It does a bit of everything and it does it all well. There's no reason you couldn't play it in multiplayer too though. Either way, the deck should play well against GMW.

Sep 17, 2021 Carquinyoli · 81

Awesome! this deck is totally awesome!!! Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun with it!