Cost: 0.

Interruption de héros : quand votre héros effectue une attaque dotée d'un mot-clef (Déferlement, Perçant ou À Distance.), cette attaque inflige 2 dégâts supplémentaires. (1 max par attaque.)

Psylocke #19.
Concentrer ses Forces

Directed Force hits the exact target we expect for damage per resource spent at 2, provided you make a keyworded attack. With the exception of Bazooka, these keywords appear exclusively on hero cards and Aggression cards for hero attacks. I'm particularly interested in this when the keyword is granted by an upgrade in play, making Directed Force playable whenever you draw it, as opposed to events that would need to be drawn at the exact same time. Heroes that can achieve this are Psylocke, X-23, Wolverine, Wasp, Deadpool, Ruby Quartz Visor, Hawkeye, Cable, War Machine, Domino, Star-Lord, Spider-Ham, and Rogue. Nebula and Rocket have some too, but they might not stay out forever given how the heroes play. There's lots of stuff to try here, but I like the idea of a Hawkeye Directed Force deck, since he can search up the Bow at the start of the game and get a ranged arrow attack every turn. Psylocke is great too since she starts with her Psi-Katana in play and can draw this with Training Regimen. It does come in her hero pack after all. Heroes aside, any Aggression deck playing Hand Cannon will love to play this card too.

Stretch22 · 465