Black Panther - Inspiring Wakanda (Project Post-con) [L]

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Michaelangelo · 3960

This deck is part of Project Post-con: building a ready to use deck for each existing hero, just using the available card copies of buying each pack once. This does not only enable fast pick-and-play, but it also makes each deck feel unique, as not everyone is using the same powerhouse cards. Each deck is intended to be fun and usable in expert mode, but none will be the absolute strongest possible due to the card limitations. Looking for other decks? Search for the Post-con tag.

Project Post-con Version 1 (Cards up to a and including Valkyrie release)

This Black Panther deck is as much fun as it is thematic in this Voltron-style deck. As the king of the high-tech Wakanda you lead your troops while equipping them with as much tech as you and your sister can provide. Not only does this create a massive army, it also easily thins your deck down to the point where you only draw ally healing cards and Wakanda forever to rush your troops to victory. Once fully built, I have had turns of consistently swinging over 40 damage. Furthermore, Black Panther has the bulk to survive without throwing any chumps in front of him... a real king.


Due to his Vibranium, Black panther already has a lot of resources available and most cards in this deck are cheap anyway. However, to ensure to get your more expensive allies, Black Panther upgrades and card draw supports out as easily as possible, I opted to keep Genius and Energy. Innovation is a no-brainer, as keeping the troops healthy is key in this deck. Even early on, 1 HP can already mean a free hit or thwart above 4.


As we want to keep our allies around as long as possible and upgrades are more efficient when pooled on fewer targets, this leadership deck only contains 5 allies. In testing, this number seemed the ideal amount to draw into one early enough, yet not to have your deck fill with useless cards once the ally limit is filled.

  • Shuri thematically provides the tech and is valuable early on. She is the only ally you'll want to chump block with instead of upgrading her.

Critical is, however, to prioritise one of the following 4 allies, which all could be preferred depending on the scenario:

  • Iron Man helps get a fast build-up.
  • Ronin is relatively cheap for hitting strong with already just a single upgrade.
  • Giant-Man is more expensive but the biggest hitter. With the Reinforced Suit and all the healing cards, you can consistently keep him at max ATK.
  • Black Knight is perhaps the most situational, but the piercing really pays off in scenario's with a lot of tough that could block your large hits.


Now this is the core of his set.

  • the 4 hero upgrades are all good to either ping damage/threat or even heal black panther to ensure he keeps up while you build.
  • Inspired, Power Gloves and Sidearm all pump up your allies. The ranged feature of Sidearm is also great to keep your allies alive in scenario's with a lot of retaliate, as this otherwise strongly limits the value you get out of your HP/healing.
  • and finally Reinforced Suit keeps them around longer until your deck is thinned out enough consistently heal.


  • Mighty Avengers is there to further increase your ally ATK and THW, making sure neither damage nor threat forms an issue. Just make sure to time it with your use of Shuri in early game as she disables the effect.
  • Avengers Mansion and The Golden City ensure you have great card draw to get everything out or to just go crazy with healing and Wakanda Forever near the end-game.


Finally, once built, the events in his set will be slightly under 2/3 of his final (very thin) deck. They fall in two categories:

  • Healing of allies: Inspiring Presence and United We Stand. With a fully built ally these are a swing of around 6-8 attack or 4 thwart for just 1 or 2 ER. Even better in expert, Inspiring presence can heal up to 3 allies to swing big.
  • Wakanda Forever!: Need I say more? with the deck thinned out so much, you'll typically draw 1 or 2 each turn to add onto the onslaught by your troops.

In conclusion, Black Panther is able to build a versatile team for both offence as thwarting, while tanking hits himself like a true king.


Dec 31, 2021 namor · 43

Love this deck! But doesn't the T'Challa alter-ego also cancel out The Mighty Avengers, Inspiring Presence and United We Stand? That might make the gameplan clunky.

Jan 04, 2022 Michaelangelo · 3960

@namor It indeed does. Thus far it hasn't limited me in any of my games, as I just make sure to do ally activations on the hero part of the turn and Black Panther never stays a full next turn in alter-ego when he flips there. Meaning every turn you have access to your hero side. The only limit I could see is when you draw into the Avenger-only events after flipping to alter-ego upon using your The Golden City. But I haven't found this issues due to: (1) in build-up these cards typically go to resources anyway, so it is a limited loss unless you happen to draw both on an empty hand. (2) once all allies are built you rarely flip to alter-ego as Wakanda forever just heals you over and over again with he quick deck cycle.

But you have a valid point on needing to plan on this in the game. If you find that this is a hindrance, I would suggest adding an Honorary Avenger. There are none left in the project, so if you use all decks, I suggest to take it out of War-machine, as this one is mainly meant as a cheap upgrade to protect his real upgrades from getting discarded by his horrible nemesis treacheries.

Feb 04, 2022 Matsie313 · 1

I really love this project! So far I've tried black panther, vision, black widow and star-lord. No disappointments so far, keep up the good work!

Feb 27, 2022 Michaelangelo · 3960

@Matsie313 Thanks :-) always nice to hear.