Peter Thinks About Kickin' Ass

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A Mental Resource focused Aggression deck using cards recently released...

You'll want to use your Sidearms to boost Black Cat and Tigra, and Energy Spear for Angela. And Boot Camp will boost them all. Then you have Felicia doing 3 damage with no consequential or retaliate, Greer doing 4, avoiding retaliate and consequential if she takes out a minion, and Angela doing 5 with piercing. Use your First Aid cards to keep her alive, because the others should be immortal, and you have Aunt May for your own health needs.

Honed Technique boosts your attack events by their costs, so long as you spend a mental, which your Ingenuity, Web-Shooter, Genius, Audacity, and The Power of Aggression cards will do for you. And if that is not enough, you have a majority-mental deck to help.

More than half your deck costs 2 or less, and all but 2 cards cost 3 or less, so the card economy should be good.

Mulligan for Honed Technique and Ingenuity, get your allies out when you can, and use those events to swing to a quick victory. If you get into threat trouble, a well-timed Into the Fray removing up to 8 threat should help.