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KakitaJamie · 161

I was looking at Adam Warlock ally in a discussion thread. I thought to myself, that this and Plan B are unique. Most players only use these for decks that may not always play out the last card in hand or Hulk. Which lead to, "What if I built a deck, that just doesn't care about the cards in hand?"


Throw Plan A out the window.

So I set out to find all the cards that just wanted cards as fuel and did not care what they did. I focused on cards that stayed on board indefinitely while using their abilities:

Plan B - The beginning of the deck idea. 1 card for 2 damage.

Jarnbjorn - With his basic ATK, ready from Warlock's Cape, Magic Attack, & Karmic Blast we should easily be able to activate this every turn for a . 1 card for 2 damage.

Nova - As long as we are in Hero form, we are going to be attacked so we should easily be able to activate every turn for a . 1 card for 2 damage.

Black Widow - Get an annoying encounter card, spend a and get a new one.

Hawkeye - Probably the weakest of the cards but it can activate every turn without worrying about healing. Worse case it picks off a Tough status to allow your other cards to do full damage. 1 card for 1 damage.

Adam Warlock - Can discard for a variety of affects.

Fully set up, you can discard 6 cards to deal 7 damage, replace an encounter card, and trigger an appropriate Battle Mage effect. You will need to have gotten out a Karmic Staff, The Sorcerer Supreme or 1 Mystic Senses to achieve this but that seems like a great Plan B to achieve every turn.


These cards might just have some text.

The goals for the actual card selection was focused around a few key points: 1.) Cheap - I'm not running double resources nor generic resource generators. If the need arises to play the card it needs to be cheap.

2.) Resource Icon Split - The permanents require a split between the three resources. Since I don't know which I need nor which I'll have I wanted to guarantee the best odds I could get at the resources I needed.

3.) Powerful - The cards do what they do well and if you need them they will help to stabilize.


The other cards.

Resources - All of these if spent on paying for or activating certain cards have some form of additional effect. Why just use a card from hand when it can do something too?

Lockjaw - This card is just pure card advantage in this deck. Discarded off the top of the deck, no problem. Discarded from hand to an effect, you got it. The aren't a ton of times he will actually get played but when he does, you will be happy to have him.

Deft Focus - Mystic Senses, Cosmic Awareness and Karmic Blast all cost you 2 resources if you need to play them. This helps minimize that burden so you can discard more cards.


Under Surveillance - This or Heroic Intuition was going to make the cut. I went with Heroic Intuition but I could justify either based on the scenario.

C.I.T.T. - Its 2 cost and 2 resources for a ready that equates 1 ATK or THW. 1 card for 0.5 damage or threat. If you add one of the 2 cost upgrades, 1 card for 1 damage or threat. The fact that it's a and versatility give it some consideration. I view it about equal to Hawkeye for damage. I prefer the ability to block with Hawkeye, the 2 damage of the basic ATK, and not requiring the additional upgrade too break evene.


Won't go over the list individually but these are the Allies that discard or spend resources to activate that I considered. In the end I left these out because I expect my ally slots to be full with allies that don't leave the board anyway: Adam Warlock (can't play obviously), Wonder Man, Marvel Boy, Thor, Blade, Falcon, Vision, Protector, Warlock, Machine Man.


This is a fun deck. If you get the combos rolling, it's a good deck. Will this beat difficult Expert encounters solo... if you're lucky. Will it beat most Standard encounters solo or with friend, yeah it probably can handle them.