The Girl Who Called Wolf

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Man-is-Obsolete · 4653

The Girl Who Called Wolf

This is part of a two deck release that were played together through the NeXt Evolution campaign on Expert multiple times, please consider playing this alongside the following Spider-Man deck.

But we are here to talk about Spider Woman’s deck! Call for Aid is a Jessica classic, Call for Backup is a new classic, and Caliban (more like CALLiban) is that jank you play Marvel Champions for. This deck is about milling your deck, playing great allies, and have an absolute great time.

Put in the CALL!!!


As mentioned, there’s a few ways to get Call for an ally

  • Call for Aid – great to mill your deck and hit Digging Deep along the way. Single target, Captain Marvel, makes is so you know exactly what you are getting.

  • Caliban – an ally whose own stats are ok and he has no ongoing ability, but we are playing him for his enter play ability. Again can hit Digging Deep and has a single target, Wolfsbane.

Probably a good time to talk about Digging Deep’s role in this deck. The above two cards are obviously the biggest hits on this. Milling your deck to find an ally you want and potentially drawing cards along the way? Yes please!

Also, once Captain Marvel and Wolfsbane are out of the deck Call for Aid and Caliban are effectively draw 1-3 resources for an encounter card. I have had situations where 1 or 2 digging deeps were my last 5 cards and I am decking out anyways.

  • Call for Backup – what an absolute stellar card. Don’t get too worried about when this card shows up, when it does you have stellar options. Even if that is just to play Caliban and mill your deck for 3 digging deeps. Also a good way, the only way outside of the campaign, to get in Gamora into play which can also mill us and draw more cards!

What about Make the Call!? I waffled on this a lot, but opted on more consistently hitting Inspiring Presence instead. This deck does not have a problem finding allies, and I would rather keep them alive, ready them, and use them again. Make the Call was in at one point but was only really used to play Gamora and as I mentioned above there are other ways to get Gamora in play, and she's not the star of the deck anyways.

Jessica looks and Wolfsbane draws


Wolfsbane is one the stars though. Because here's a not so out of the ordinary opening:

  • put Caliban into play
  • mill your deck and hit some digging deeps
  • add Wolfsbane to hand
  • play Wolsbane
  • look at the top of your deck with Jessica's Alter Ego ability
  • thwart with Wolfbane
  • call the card type you looked at and draw said card

That sounds really fun right!? With the amount of status that Jessica and Peter can dole out you are also able to flip down and utilize Wolfsbane's ability often. Also, Teamwork is here to help give you a way of using Wolfsbane's (or Captain Marvel's) stats without wasting her HP. Afterwards you can then play Inspiring Presence on them, and maybe you used Innovation to pay for that. Teamwork also boosts the stats of Spider Woman on the same basic attack/thwart it is being used on. Lots of interactions are possible with your allies! Use them well.

NeXt, The Campaign

Does this deck work on it's own? Yes, but it, along with the linked Spider-Man deck were created with the NeXt Evolution campaign in mind. Spider-Man is running Lock and Load, so that's why there is a Sonic Rifle in here for instance! There are also fun things that the campaign enables that make deck building with it mind even better. So that's why you see odd choices like lack of double resources, 3 cost events, a single Inspired, and Gamora despite having no Make the Call. Listed below would be the recommended order of missions to complete and some tips for how we will use each for the campaign.

- Morlock Siege: Mission Prep

Starting with Mission Prep helps us get us off to a great start and both Spider Woman and Spider-Man have multiple targets. Mission prep is not to be confused with Superpower Training. This can put into play any two cost upgrade for us. So that gives us flexibility with Spider Woman, who depending on her opening hand can put either Mission Leader or Finesse into play. Say for instance you draw Mission Leader in your opening hand on a future scenario, you could use Mission Prep to put Finesse into play and help pay for Mission Leader. And vice versa, you draw a Finesse so then you use Prep to put Mission Leader in play. Didn't draw either, well that sucks, but there's only one Mission Leader so I would lean that way. Inspired is also here as an attachment that can be put onto Hope when she shows up in the campaign, so that is also a valid option.

- On the Run: Assemble the Team

Here's where it gets interesting and one could argue I should have started with this mission. However, Morlock Siege rewards each player for not allowing the Morlocks to be defeated and that allows us to put a card in our opening hand for On the Run in the campaign. So I would take that opportunity to put an ally in my opening hand. Once complete we can use Team Assembled one of two ways, and I leave it up to you:

  1. Caliban - Putting him into play at the beginning will mill your deck until you find Wolfsbane and hopefully you hit some Digging Deep cards along the way. Then Wolfsbane can do the trick we discussed earlier where Jessica looks and Wolfsbane draws from the top of your deck.

  2. Use this chance to put Gamora into play. Gamora is great because she keeps finding and adding events to our hand and some of those events will help keep her and other allies around and even reactivate.

But like Mission Prep you don't have to make this decision until after you have mulligan'd and begun your turn. If you got really unlucky and drew 2 out of the 3 Digging Deeps then go Gamora. If you haven't seen any, then roll the dice on Caliban.

- Juggernaut: Establish Safehouse

Lot of people will go Prepare Defenses here, but our defense is statuses via Pheromones and whatever Spider-Man is dishing out. Safehouse allows us to heal or draw more cards, and it allows us to get a head start on the final two scenarios which is important in this campaign. There's not a ton of strategy to talk here, Safehouse is insanely good and with statuses you should be able to get use this scenario and future scenarios.

- Mister Sinister: Practice Manuevers

This is going to be a key Mission to complete for the final two scenarios. Crisis Averted gets cheaper, and it is a great event already when combined with Overwatch but it gets even better when combined with Crisis side schemes in the final two scenarios. I put it here because the starting threat on the main scheme of Mister Sinister is not that high to start (1 per player), and I feel pretty confident that combined with Hope, Inconspicuous, Clear the Area, allies, basic activations, etc that Teleported away can be cleared before the main needs Crisis Averted. This is also a big boon for Spider-Man, please see that deck!!!!

- Stryfe: Prepare Defenses

It almost doesn't matter what Mission we take on in this final scenario, so I would almost want to choose the one with the least bad encounter card shuffled in. Spider Woman and this deck actually likes Side Schemes, and this mission shuffles in a side scheme where as Gear up targets and discards cards from our hand. Prepared Defenses is not a bad reward either! Retaliate and +1 defense favors Spider-Man a little more, but Spider Woman has access to tough and is no stranger to take undefended attacks, so the retaliate is a nice little bonus nugget.

Congratulations, You’ve Won!

The heroes have emerged victorious and returned to the present timeline where dum dum dum an even greater threat awaits! Super heroes never get a day off, but you should! The next time you find yourself with a bit of free time or able to meet up with some friends for some Marvel Champions I hope you consider given this and the linked Spider-Man deck a chance!!! Thank you all.

Ps. If you were to play this deck outside of the campaign I would cut Gamora!


Sep 02, 2023 journeyman2 · 22276

Even though I’ve seen this deck played, I still feel like I really learned something from this write-up! This is a great guide for going through the new campaign!

Sep 02, 2023 celric · 428

Nice deck and write up!

Sep 04, 2023 Camobscura · 1

Very cool deck idea but, I e got to ask, why isn’t White Fox included? Using make the call to get free resources AND a free ally into play feels like it’s incredibly powerful.

Sep 04, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4653

@Camobscura good question! I meant to point it out somewhere so thanks for binging it up. Often I would find myself at the ally limit so hitting White Fox would at times whiff. If you can play around that it can be good though.

Nov 06, 2023 Kudanaz · 1

Played this deck last night with the Spider-man deck. The question I have is how do I play Gamora without being a guardian? Thanks!

Nov 06, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4653

@Kudanaz outside of the Next Evolution campaign it would be just Call for Backup. The Next Evolution campaign gives you a campaign environment that lets you put any 3 cost ally in your deck or discard pile into play.

Otherwise the deck is over 40 cards so just cut her out of the deck.