That time Ms Marvel teamed up with Wolverine

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josseroo · 677

This selfie was taken just moments before Logan unleashed for 24 30 damage in one turn. Thanks for the help Bruno!

logan + kamala

This is my Ms Marvel take on a Ghost-Spider deck I shared a while ago.

The goal of this deck is to get Wolverine up to ATK = 6 with three copies of Game Time stashed under Bruno so that you can unleash for four Wolverine attacks (five if you are able to weave in a ready from Professor X and even attack with Charles for one thanks to Boot Camp). With a copy of Big Hands in your hand when you make your final flip from AE, Kamala can use it twice for 10 damage, including one boost from Embiggen!. So this will typically be 34 damage on your final turn + whatever your Boot Camp boosted allies can provide.

I often talk about the Wolverine ally as being a Beat Cop with benefits. His healing each round allows you to use him throughout the game to help with minion control, breaking toughs, or just helping to keep the main scheme under control.


  • On the first pass prioritize getting Wolverine, Aamir Khan and Bruno Carrelli down. Aamir's ability to push discarded cards back into your deck really help you get as many useful cards in play / under Bruno as possible each pass while also keeping the board under control. Bruno is less critical, but the earlier you get him out, the earlier you can stash your copies of Game Time.
  • Then get your combo pieces, resources generators and other awesome Ms Marvel upgrades/supports down.
  • Don't be afraid to use Wolverine's activations for board control, but pay attention to the lead time you might need to heal him back up to 6 hit points when you get close to the end game.
  • Pay attention to where The Power in All of Us and Moon Girl are and use Aamir Khan to get them back to back in your deck when you can.
  • Your Bruno slots don't need to be used entirely on copies of Game Time during the mid-game. Stashing Wiggle Room or Psylocke for a later turn can really help with your survival or future flipping opportunities, respectively.


  • Depending on the number of minions in the scenario, you may prefer some more more minion-focused aggression events like Relentless Assault or Into the Fray. If there will be a lot of small minions, One by One is even a good consideration. Press the Advantage could also be useful since you often have the villain confused, but it's not as useful for minion control. One copy of Chase Them Down can also go a long way thanks to Shrink and/or Morphogenetics.
  • If you want to squeeze four more damage out of Wolverine, you can throw a copy of Enraged on him for his third and fourth attacks, but this requires additional coordination of getting the right card into your hand.

Sep 08, 2023 journeyman2 · 21985

Ghost-Spider and Ms Marvel really do overlap a lot on decks haha

Sep 08, 2023 josseroo · 677

And now Domino can also do a lot of the same tricks. We're living in a world of bounty