Star-Lord: Wilder Tutor

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KennedyHawk · 17568

Let's get wild!

No this deck is not a better version of the Wild Tutor deck.

But it does tutor some wilds and you won't even have to dig that deep! Welcome to the silliest Star Lord deck around. When I saw Digging Deep in the Next Evolution box I knew it was going to be great for many things - and the time had come to make another meme deck.

This deck is an explosive Star Lord leadership deck that uses the ability to discard your entire deck that's printed on a few cards: Caliban and Call for Aid specifically. Because we can avoid including any other Avenger or X-targets. This means if we have 3 copies of Digging Deep deep in our deck and a single copy of White Fox we end up with 3 resources, an ally, and an encounter card - just for playing a 0 cost event (or for playing another ally in Caliban's case).

Your general goal is to slap down an Element Gun and start wracking up encounter cards to go pew-pew-pew with Sliding Shot but we've got some other zany stuff in here as well.

In Magical Christmas Land we can hit some nutty opening turns.

  • Draw 6 cards, mulligan well (see later). Grab your setup Element Gun.
  • Potentially swap a digging deep with top of deck.
  • "What could go wrong?" to play Element Gun
  • Play Call for Aid
    • You are now at 8 cards, with a weapon and ally in play. Oh and 2 encounter cards.
  • Use 3x Digging Deep to play Sliding Shot for 9 damage
    • You are now at 4 cards.
  • Play Call for Aid two more times
    • You are now at 5 cards, with a weapon and ally in play. Oh and 4 encounter cards.
  • Use 3x Digging Deep to play Sliding Shot for 13 damage
  • Discard your last card to Element Gun.
  • Use your Basic Attack.
  • Attack with White Fox

Pew-pew-pew that's 28 damage round 1. Now we aren't often going to mulligan into this amazing set-up with 5 specific cards in hand but it's fun to dream (and that's not even the deck ceiling if you start using Daring Escape it gets even higher).

We've got other pocket combos that work well with Star-Lord.

Mulligan Tips

  • You want to dig pretty deep (intended) for Star-Lord's Helmet - it really isn't mentioned much but it makes this deck function. Once you are rolling and decking out 1-3 times a round you really want to get the most out of those encounter cards (by turning them into draw). Alternatively Superpower Training helps find this as well. It's a bit of a balance. You really don't want to see Digging Deep in your opener as you want those deeper in your deck but getting 1 and swapping it with top of deck can work out alright.
  • I typically don't try to go banana's on turn 1 but focus more on Turn 2 or 3. So you aren't really hoping to see your Call for Aid in Round 1 but if you get one you can still play the set-up game and get some payoff early with all those wilds added to hand and your free ally.

Other Considerations

  • I tried quite a few variants of this deck.
  • One version included a single avenger ally so you could more reliably shuffle Digging Deep into your deck (here you shuffle each time you search) but I found with random placement of the singular ally the results were a bit too random for me. With no Avengers you know exactly what to expect when you play a Call for Aid
  • Lockjaw isn't much help here since you almost never have a discard pile. Likewise with Leadership Training which could shuffle Call for Aid back into deck. These cards worked well in a 1 single Avenger ally variant. -If you want to lean in and make use of the Wilds from Digging Deep you can consider cards like Go All Out which combined with Blaze of Glory and Adrenaline Rush can be quite fun. I prefer the chaos of Sliding Shots but YMMV.
  • Cosmo (he's my 41st card which it turns out doesn't matter when you deck out every round :p)

Regardless of how you tune the deck I hope you have a blast revisiting some old heroes. This box (and hopefully this wave based on spoilers) seems to be a great addition to make me want to revisit heroes of the past. I really feel like we've gotten to a really neat spot in aspect and basic card design and can't wait to see what makes me do the time warp next.


Sep 19, 2023 Dragul · 14

Great Concept. I like the idea of using Call for aid to willingly deck out and thus gaining benefits! A real Starlord-Deck! Also my favourite hero.

Sep 21, 2023 Japara · 120

Great idea!

Sep 22, 2023 Valshuraz · 7

Love the wilding energy behind the deck's concept but sadly "Call for Aid" doesn't work that way with the updated rule reference 1.5. "Any ability that requires a target must have a valid target in order to be initiated." For Call for Aid to be playable you must have at the very least 1 Avenger Ally in your deck to meet the requirements to resolve the card. For example if you have only 1 Avenger ally in your 40 card deck and it's currently in your discard pile you would not be able to resolve Call for Aid.

Sep 23, 2023 KennedyHawk · 17568

@Valshuraz I don't think the game state rule knows the contents of your deck until after you discard it so I believe this will still work - I could be wrong.

Sep 25, 2023 Markzilla · 31

How often are you playing Caliban? I was an early proponent of Call for Aid in Star-Lord because it costs 0, but I can't imagine it feels nearly as good to get the same effect for 3.

Sep 25, 2023 KennedyHawk · 17568


Caliban is your worst option as an opener but is still okay. Mainly because Star-Lord can play him for free with his ability. Playing a Slovak then bets you two encounter cards to set up big Sliding Shots.

He’s best when you have Knowhere out or are ready to use Blaze of Glory.

Sep 27, 2023 dr00 · 41155

i love milling for resources, and Star-lord is the best at it. i haven't tested Caliban out, but i think it's a really solid option since you also get a body that almost pays for itself