Weaving Threads (Expert Ronan & Venom Goblin w/ videos)

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Weaving Threads

Spider-Man vs. Expert Venom Goblin with the Infinity Gauntlet!

Spider-Man vs. Expert Ronan

Sinister Motives EXPERT CAMPAIGN Playlist

Weaving Threads

One underrated aspect of Peter Parker Spider-Man is his sewing prowess. This deck revolves around Peter weaving the threads in superhero costumes for his allies. He’s also a spider so there’s that.

Important Change: Swap in Clarity of Purpose for Honorary Avenger

Suit Up

This is our main card. Suit Up tutors an ally and upgrade to our hand. This is very powerful in combination with Sidekick and makes voltron easy to set up because we can grab the ally upgrade we want. However, with this deck we aren’t focusing on voltroning, but rather the ability to tutor an ally from the deck or discard pile. This in itself is insanely good. Suit Up says we can only get an upgrade that can be attached to that ally, but the upgrade we choose doesn’t have to be played. It could also be an upgrade played for Spider-Man.

Ally Upgrades - Warrior of the Great Web & Clarity of Purpose

So the elephant in the room is none of the “ally” upgrades in this deck are actually for the allies. Suit Up doesn’t specify the upgrade, just that it must be able to be attached to that ally. We’re taking advantage of that and just grabbing the upgrade to use as a resource. Warrior of the Great Web is great because it can be attached to any character that has “Spider” in its title. So if Web of Life and Destiny is in hand, we can use Suit Up to tutor a Web-Warrior ally with “Spider” in its title along with Warrior of the Great Web, then play Warrior of the Great Web on Peter Parker (when we’re in hero form) to make ourselves a Web-Warrior and play the Web of Life and Destiny for free ignoring its resource cost. This also makes becoming a Web-Warrior much more reliable so we don’t need multiple copies of Warrior of the Great Web in the deck. Clarity of Purpose is an upgrade that can be attached to an ally and is a mental resource. This is a better option than Honorary Avenger--credits to Journeyman2!

Moon Girl’s Suit

Moon Girl

Moon Girl is arguably the best ally for Champion/Genius traited identities. She can draw us 3 cards in addition to her 2 THW 2 ATK statline helping us control the current board state. This makes her the prime target for Suit Up. Suit Up is an alter-ego action so we can only play it in Peter Parker form (which makes sense since we’re sewing costumes). Moon Girl can only be played when our identity has the Champion or Genius trait, and Peter only has the Genius trait in alter-ego so this fits perfectly. Our standard sequence is to play Suit Up, grab Moon Girl with Clarity of Purpose, then play Avengers Mansion (or any other expensive card). Here’s the math: starting the turn in alter-ego gives us 7 effective resources with a handsize of 6 + 1 resource with Peter’s ability—Scientist. Suit Up is 3 effective resources to play but we get 2 cards back, so it’s a -1 net loss putting us at 6 effective resources in hand. Moon Girl is 4 effective resources to play but she draws us 3 cards back, so another -1 net loss puts us at 5 effective resources in hand. This is enough to play Avengers Mansion or any other expensive support/upgrade/ally. Everytime we have Suit Up, we can recur Moon Girl. Being able to play a strong ally and powerful support during every alter-ego turn is big tempo for the player. This also lets us see several cards in the deck letting us pick which support/upgrade we want.

Professor X’s Suit

Professor X

There’s a lot of flipping with this deck, but not many ways to control threat other than thwarting. In fact, we only have 1 source of confuse—Professor X. This is where Suit Up comes in again! We can tutor any ally so if we need to flip down to alter-ego to heal/etc, a copy of Suit Up is essentially having that confuse. Peter can tailor Professor X’s 2 piece suit!

High Tempo

This deck focuses on building out the board, but by recurring Moon Girl and drawing cards with her ability, we are constantly applying pressure to the villain and going through our deck quickly. More than likely we can start every game strong with Moon Girl turn 1 (mulligan for Suit Up, Moon Girl, or Nick Fury) and ideally we can flip to alter-ego every other turn and play Moon Girl to draw 3 on those turns we flip.

Mental Resources

Moon Girl, Black Cat, and Peter Parker’s alter-ego ability—Scientist all synergize with mental resources. This deck was built with a heavy emphasis on mental resources. Currently, there is no upgrade in leadership/basic that can be attached to Moon Girl and has a mental resource. If/when such a card is released I would definitely replace Honorary Avenger with it. There is an upgrade--Clarity of Purpose!

Ally Selection

Moon Girl, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Ironheart are S tier allies that give us draw power and are mental resources. Professor X has our confuse. We have 4 Web-Warriors: Ghost-Spider, Spider-Man Hobie Brown, Spider-Man Otto Octavius, and SP//dr. These are the more dependable Web-Warrior allies in the game and I included them in this deck with Suit Up making becoming a Web-Warrior more consistent because we can tutor Warrior of the Great Web. Grab the Web-Warrior cards when you deem necessary!

Deck space is limited but here are some great allies and why they barely missed the cut:

Black Panther - Mental resource with an amazing enter play ability. Black Panther’s effect to hold a copy of Suit Up to use on demand is extremely powerful, but unfortunately his cost is a little hefty and we can’t use The Power in All of Us for him. Since Black Panther is 4 cost, if he grabs Suit Up, we usually won’t be able to play the ally immediately even with Peter’s high economy since we’ll need even more resources on top of that. Because of this, he’s a little slower than I’d like for this deck.

Beast - Another mental resource ally and another amazing enter play ability. Beast didn’t make the cut because if we’re already in alter-ego to play Suit Up, Moon Girl and Nick Fury are better targets to hit since they can draw us 3 cards which is more resources than what Beast can provide in this deck. He’s also a leadership ally so like with Black Panther, The Power in All of Us doesn’t work for him.

Spider-Man Miles Morales - High tempo and super strong basic ally. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the Web-Warrior trait and isn’t a mental resource.


This deck was made primarily for true solo, but will absolutely pop off in multiplayer thanks to the easier access to alter-ego. To be a team player, Suit Up Maria Hill and give everyone extra card draw. In multiplayer, we can stay in alter-ego multiple turns in a row and recur Maria Hill back to back turns.


The Triskelion - After my game against Venom Goblin, I realized The Triskelion would be a good addition to this deck because I often maxed out on the 3 ally limit. I swapped out Make the Call since we already have 3 copies of Suit Up to tutor an ally to the hand. I made this change before posting the decklist!

Clarity of Purpose - HUGE shoutouts to Journeyman2 for this. Clarity of Purpose is an upgrade that can be attached to an ally. Since we are using the ally upgrade that Suit Up grabs as a resource, we want the printed mental resource on Clarity of Purpose to pay for Moon Girl. This change was made after publishing, so I'm unable to change it on the decklist unfortunately :(


Peter Parker Spider-Man keeps getting better! Moon Girl has always been a strong ally for Spider-Man, but her requirement to have the Champion/Genius trait was restricting. Suit Up being an alter-ego action synergizes perfectly with Moon Girl for Peter because he needs to be in alter-ego anyways to play her. Since Peter already has high economy and works well with allies, Suit Up is a huge buff for him. Hope you enjoy this fun and thematic deck!


Apr 19, 2024 andyr · 5329

Suit Up with Peter is such a great combo that enables so much!

Apr 19, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@andyr Agreed! And it’s super thematic for Pete!

You were the first person I’ve seen use Suit Up for Spider-Man which gave me the idea for this deck :)

Apr 19, 2024 journeyman2 · 21768

Clarity of Purpose would have gotten you a ! Moon Girl definitely fits into the Spider Wardrobe deck, made the same recommendation to Chocobo! I really like doing a similar thing with Med Lab in Genius heroes, but you can’t chump her in that case.

Apr 19, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@journeyman2 I gotta check that out! And WOAH Clarity of Purpose attached to an ally?! I didn’t realize that was possible but it does say “attach to a friendly character.” That’s insane and crazy good as a target for Suit Up along with Moon Girl. Adding that change right away—thanks a bunch!!

Apr 20, 2024 Sluggie · 4

Yep, CoP is "fun" on allies (you can dish it out to partners in MP too). Got a Star-Lord deck that specifically uses "high HP vs cost" allies (Groot, U.S. Agent, Martinex, Blade etc) from where ever and using GotG team / Knowhere applies CoP/Reinforced Suit to them "for profit".

Then also uses them with either Strength In Numbers or Teamwork which I get to use their' stats - inc Leader of the Guardians - but they don't take CD. They usually supply the resource for the Element Gun's (just a little "life-force"). Star-Lord is a bad-bad man! And, because Star-Lord needs "more resources"... :)

Apr 20, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@Sluggie That’s very cool. I had no clue Clarity of Purpose had so much versatility. I gotta try out that Star-Lord combo!

Apr 21, 2024 HeroicSkeleton · 318

Suit up is criminally underrated! I've been messing around with it a lot in non-sidekick decks too, but think this is the first I've seen someone else do it. Peter is perfect for this kind of thing because black cat doesn't really need sidekick, since she attacks without consequential

Apr 21, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@HeroicSkeleton Totally agreed! Without Sidekick, I actually think Moon Girl is the best target for Suit Up because her draw ability is the most efficient in the game and Peter gets the most benefit since he can only play her in AE anyways and can generate that mental resource! I also haven’t seen Suit Up decks that lean more into the ability to tutor an ally. I’m interested to see what other heroes you’re trying this with and how they play!

Apr 21, 2024 HeroicSkeleton · 318

@Web-Warrior Fanatic I've mostly just played it with some standard voltrons so far, but have been working on some other ideas. The main one I'm looking at that's similar to your moon girl idea is Shuri. Being able to so easily tutor her and get T'Challa suited up right away sounds pretty good. Also, she can grab any upgrade, including another ally upgrade. Meaning you can turbo suit up a voltron. Haven't had the time to test anything yet, but if it's cool I'll post :)

Apr 21, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@HeroicSkeleton The idea with Shuri sounds very cool. I’m digging that “turbo suit up” concept… can see it being very powerful for Iron Man ally. Hopefully we’ll get Wakandan upgrades in the future to attach to Black Panther. Looking forward to your deck and ways to abuse Suit Up haha

Apr 23, 2024 MOSER319 · 13

Putting clarity of purpose on black cat would make sidekick more useful in this deck, especially if you are planning on flipping a bunch, as she can hit and be a resource generator for 3 turns before healing her

Apr 23, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@MOSER319 Clarity of Purpose is definitely the best upgrade for this deck, but it's only used as a mental resource to play Moon Girl. Even though this list revolves around Suit Up, this isn't a voltron deck and I didn't put Sidekick in or any upgrade meant for an ally. But that's a really cool combo making Black Cat work well with Sidekick by having her take damage!

Apr 24, 2024 MOSER319 · 13

@Web-Warrior Fanatic Fair enough! Maybe I'll alter this deck to be more of a sidekick deck but I am def not as skilled as you at deck crafting, just enjoy playing all the different awesome decks on tts

Apr 24, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@MOSER319 I'm no expert deckbuilder by any means! I focus on practical all-rounder strategies that I can use to defeat the most villains I can because that's when I have the most fun. Recurring Moon Girl in alter-ego is the main strategy with this deck, but I can see a lot of fun with making Black Cat your sidekick. I totally encourage you to make changes to best fit how you want to play :)

Apr 26, 2024 KyubiiKobi · 14

This deck is awesome!

Apr 26, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@KyubiiKobi Thanks Kobi! That 53 damage turn today was crazy!!! I never thought 4 Swinging Web-Kicks in 1 turn was possible.

Apr 26, 2024 16 Nights Seeker · 135

Cool deck, man! Suit Up being able to tutor Warrior of the Great Web is great way to streamline Web-Warriors Spidey in addition to everything else it does. It looks like a lot of fun, so I'll try and find time to try it out for myself too!

Apr 27, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

Thanks @16 Nights Seeker ! I agree Suit Up’s flexibility to grab the web-warrior stuff is crazy good. Hope you enjoy using it with Spidey as much as I did :)

May 06, 2024 Janube · 2

I don't think Warrior of the Great Web justifies itself here. Suit Up's net -1 card isn't really how that calculation works, since you're ostensibly playing both of those cards. A true increase in net resource value comes when you're drawing cards for the resources themselves. But because Suit up already costs 2 (plus itself), you're drawing two cards you want to play into a hand of 2-3 cards remaining, which makes playing both a difficult ask.

Meanwhile, using a deck slot to play Warrior of the Great Web just to make Web of Life and Destiny free isn't as good a trade as it seems on paper. First you're losing the opportunity cost of Suit Up's upgrade, then you're losing the cost of the upgrade itself, and then you're losing the card itself. If you're using your basic attack a lot, it's great (especially since the deck uses Ghost Spider and SPDR), but if you're just using it to become a Web-Warrior, your deck is going to be more streamlined just playing it for the 3 and using your remaining slot for something else (plenty of good ally attachments going around). For my money, it's wild not to run Ronin with a Reinforced Suit, since that's better long-term value than just about any other ally in that deck aside from SPDR who's netting you hand advantage just by existing. By the same token, Moon Girl's value is overstated here. She draws you three cards when played (only if you had 3 int to play), but she still only gets to attack/thwart twice, and you're still using Suit Up to grab her every other turn. Notably, Suit Up to grab Moon Girl isn't actually net -2 resources because of how the resource economy in this game works. You're spending three cards to get two, but you have to play one of those two, so it's really three cards for one resource (if you're throwing away the upgrade) and one obligation. That leaves you with four potential resources and a Moon Girl. Even if you're drawing three cards with her, you might have two cards in your hand that you want to keep or play at higher priority than Moon Girl. That means her draw power is useless since you can't use it that turn without sacrificing other valuable cards. Even then, if we ignore the compounding resource issue, she would still be a net -2 card play every other turn for 2 uses of 2 thwart/damage.

Meanwhile, if you just shove Ronin and Reinforced Suit in that deck, he's net -5 resources once for 5 uses of 3 atk or 2 thwart (foregoing additional opportunity cost). You're trading 15 atk/10 thw for 4 atk/4thw and net +3 resources one time, with the net resources decreasing to worse return than Ronin in 3 uses, let alone the 5 that Ronin would provide. Even throwing Reinforced Suit on Moon Girl would raise her to net -3 resources for 6 atk/thw once, with future opportunity costs (those Suit Ups could be played on Web Warrior allies with better effects). And again, that's only IF you spend the three int resources. If you get stuck needing to pay 2, her value drops a ton by comparison. Don't even get me started if you just throw Inspired on Ronin too. His value is just way higher than Moon Girl's.

May 07, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@Janube Thanks for the writeup! I can understand where you're coming from with Suit Up but I don't agree. Playing Suit Up is a net -1 resource because you're losing 3 effective resources and getting 2 back. If you play Suit Up from an alter-ego starting hand size of 6, do the combo to play Moon Girl, you'll end up with 4 cards/resources in hand like you said. But I think this is very good. Going from 6 cards in hand to 4 cards while also getting a 2 THW/2 ATK ally out is always worth it in my opinion--that's equivalent to a 1 cost ally with 2 THW/2 ATK and 2 activations! Combine this with Peter Parker's Scientist ability and we have enough resources left to play 1 Avengers Mansion or Ingenuity with a 2 cost ally. Considering how we're going through our deck drawing cards we're more than likely to get double resources and the cards we want to play on the way.

For Warrior of the Great Web, I agree that it's more useful for heroes that ready a lot, but I think using it to play Web of Life and Destiny for free or allow Peter to play web-warrior allies makes it more than worth it. Web of Life and Destiny is a 3 cost card, but you can use 2 effective resources to play it instead with the 1 cost Warrior of the Great Web. With Suit Up, we can even dictate when we want Warrior of the Great Web because we're ready to get the web-warrior cards down.

The reason why I prefer Moon Girl over Ronin here is because we want Moon Girl to get defeated and recur her. She refunds most of her cost, can thwart or attack for 2, then either chump block or activate again next turn. Then we immediate recur her and do the same thing. If Ronin is in play with relatively high HP and we need an ally to block a heavy attack from the villain the upgrades played on him is wasted. I think comparing Ronin to Moon Girl is kind of like comparing apples to oranges because Ronin wants to be voltroned and Moon Girl doesn't.

I'd highly encourage you to check out my playthroughs with this deck or try it out yourself! I've never had the compounding resource issue you mentioned and have always been able to draw the full 3 cards with Moon Girl's effect.