The Superior Iron Man

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boomguy · 550

"They say that the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree. I prefer the weapon you fire off every turn to do insane combos." -- Tony Stark, definitely

Why Web-Warriors?

This deck is centered around using Otto Octavius as much as possible. To do that, we need to control a WW card, so we can play Web of Life and Destiny either by paying the cost or by using Build Support to grab it for free. In order to make sure we get him back as often as possible, we have Regroup, which puts him back in our hand. Each time he leaves play, Web of Life and Destiny will draw us a card.

Is that it?

Well, no. Once we have a WW card in play, let's take advantage of it. Actually, no: let's abuse it.

Wait, why are we playing Otto over and over?

Because he can ready an upgrade you control. If that upgrade has the tech trait, we can draw a card. Iron Man has a lot of tech upgrades. So...

  1. Playing Otto readies a tech upgrade, and draws a card.
  2. Otto leaving play draws a card via Web of Life and Destiny.
  3. Regroup puts Otto back in our hand to use again.

We like all of that, but we also want to draw more cards. Avengers Mansion draws a card every turn. Maria Hill draws a card, and can go back to hand (alongside Otto) when we have Regroup in play. White Tiger draws us between 1-3 cards when played from hand, and thanks to Regroup, this can happen a lot. SP//dr bounces to hand, drawing us an additional card from Web of Life and Destiny upon returning to our hand. Ghost-Spider also interacts with the web (when she leaves play) and will also grab us an identity-specific event.

Seriously, you're going to have a hand full of cards at all times.

"I am your superior!" -- Otto Octavius

Okay, so we have a lot of cards. Now what?

We have Quincarrier and Ingenuity to make sure we can hit the aerial trigger on our Rocket Boots, and pay for cards.

With the aerial basically assured every round, we can use the Mark V Helmet to remove a lot of threat, and the Powered Gauntlets to do a lot of damage. The Arc Reactor can ready Iron Man. And Otto can ready whichever of these upgrades that you want to use in the moment.

Ghost-Spider is going to be able to get us Supersonic Punch, which--with the aerial keyword from our boots--will hit for 8 damage consistently.

Morale Boost gets Tony's stats up so he can ready using Arc Reactor and Symbiote Suit, R&D Facility, and Specialized Training all boost our stats (oh, and Specialized Training also draws us a card for attacking) so that multiple readies and Supersonic Punch can act as our big damage in the endgame.

How easy is this to pilot? It seems complicated.

Yes, it is convoluted. And unnecessarily complicated. Are there easier ways to get big damage turns? Yes. Are there better heroes to abuse Otto with? Surely. Couldn't you just do this with an actual Web-Warrior to simplify? Of course.

But where is the fun in that?

"That's how dad did it. That's how Boomguy does it. And it's worked out pretty well so far." -- Tony Stark, maybe

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Jun 04, 2024 Raelyn · 1

Very amusing deck. By the time you're built out, you are indeed farting out card draw. Contrary to what you say, I don't think this deck is very hard to pilot at all. It's a funny idea, in the best way. Enjoyable concept!

I would personally probably swap out White Tiger, Superpower Training and maybe a copy of Power in All of Us for 2-3 copies of Plasma Pistol however. The main place the deck can go wrong is at the start, and the idea won't get running if you can't get your Tech online quickly. With just your hero cards, there's a good chance you just get unlucky and most of it is in the bottom third of the deck.

Very fun though, and great effort in the description! I'll certainly be looking at other decks you'll be brainstorming.