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StLion · 509

This is my Thor Aggression deck, that I playtested with several villains. It works fine in multiplayer, giving you lots of interaction with other players! I think it is fun, reliable and has some of the setup, that makes Thor and Marvel Champions in general enjoyable. It can do the usual big swingy turns against several minions! I once killed 6 minions, dealing a total of 42 damage to them and the villain with Lightning Strike! Ah the moments you don't forget in this game.

Rough guide:

Get Asgard out as soon as possible. Use For Asgard! for Asgard. Mulligan aggressively for these two cards or an Avengers Mansion.

In the early game use Mjolnir as a ressource and use your Worthy Action of Odinson to create a ressource by summoning it and using it. Then summon Mjolnir back in later turns!

Setup includes having Asgard on the table, both God of Thunder out and maybe an Avengers Mansion or a Helicarrier.

In Multiplayer, your role is to deal with minions, tank in the early game and recover with Endurance (Effectively a heal 3 on yourself) and Down Time. You may kill a minion with Battle Fury, Ready, Switch to your Alter Ego and Recover for 6 with Down Time. Lady Sif also enables this.

Readying Thor is one of the main problems with this deck and I may try including Tenacity in the future for this.

In late game, after your setup is complete you may use For Asgard! to get Lady Sif back or to get Valkyrie.

In my opinion it is almost always worth it to play Defender of the Nine Realms and use your cards to deal with that minion, drawing two cards of it and clearing 3 threat. If you can, setup your Lightning Strike with your two God of Thunder and whatever you have in hand to get rid of a lot of minions that way.

There are a lot of fun combos with Hammer Throw, Odinson's Worthy, Hall of Heroes and so on, that rely on your switching back and forth, that I won't go into detail now. Try them out yourself! You may look for them to gain a little extra edge out of the Worthy ability!

Have fun, leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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Mar 20, 2020 Andrea88 · 2

Hi, I Like It... have you tried adding one or more "Relentless Assault"? works well together as "defender of the nine realms"

Mar 20, 2020 StLion · 509

I playtested Relentless Assault in earlier versions and it sometimes fizzled. The problem was, that Thor was so based around minion damage, that I sometimes cleared them and then drew into Relentless Assault as my only attack card that round. That being said, I will playtest it again with the current version, since a lot has changed. Good synergy spotted there with Defender of the Nine Realms!

Mar 21, 2020 Andrea88 · 2

Thank you, and instead a "first aid" card? I haven't tried Thor yet, but I think I will need some healing cards...

Apr 11, 2020 flakbait42 · 1

Played Thor for the first time tonight using this list and it was a blast. Definitely broke into a sweat in my last turn when I pulled Shadows of the Past and had to drop that side scheme with 7 threat on it, but I was built up enough by then to drop Rhino from 13 health and take the win.

Oct 24, 2020 10GritSandpaper · 1

What about using "You'll Pay for That!" instead of Chase Them Down? It's an energy resource instead of mental, it seems like it should be easier to trigger, and has the potential to remove more threat.