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Welcome to this multiplayer deck (not fitted for solo play), that has a key role in a group. Control the threat by making work the best experts (allies) with the most advanced tech.

The main engine is Surveillance Team with their expert lead Monica Chang. In order to maximize this engine, we need to bring Monica into play as often as possible, so that´s why we count on Rapid Response, Regroup and Make the Call. Keeping the combo up and running means we´ll be able to fully spend a Surveillance Team before we can block an attack with Monica Chang and thus bring the team back and boosting them all. And for that, we have several tools

Second engine to this is Agent Coulson, that should focus to always have in play a copy of Rapid Response and Espionage.

Third engine is Maria Hill and Rapid Response. When played from hand in a multiplayer game, Maria should come in only when you are first player, so all benefit from drawing an extra card before play. Now, when you block with her, you can activate Rapid Response and ALL players will get an extra card before playing their next turn, no matter who is the active player. She is also the best target for Make the Call, since she is the cheapest of the three.

Key is flexibility and re-evaluating the situation in every turn, but take into account that these experts have an effect upon entering play, so the more often they do so, the better. That is why we have so many options to bring them back into play.

In a multiplayer game, there are two cards that shine with strong intensity: Regroup and our fourth expert Quake. You can use Regroup in a turn when all players are going to block with allies, or even if you are going to block with several of them. In these turns, you will save your Rapid Response use, or maybe you don´t any ready. Regarding Quake, it´s way easier in a multiplayer game to find opportunities to use his ability more often, and when not, you can drop a Homeland Intervention for him to thwart for 2 or to draw extra cards with Strength In Numbers.

In the early game, try to bring your Finesse and Helicarrier as soon as possible and you are done. Remember that multiplayer game is way more challenging that solo games (the more, the harder) and do not forget about collaborating with your colleagues. Enjoy the surveillance!