The Posse (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Domino)

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dr00 · 41155

get in loser
Get in loser, we're goin' gambling

Get by With a Little Help From Your Friends

Domino is probably the most intense brain-burn hero in Marvel Champions. Not only playing her, but also building a deck. There are just so many great cards you can include that have interactions with every other card in your deck, so you just have to shift and refocus a lot. This deck is the culmination of several testing attempts also with the help of some fellow players, man-is-obsolete, Schmendrix, Journeyman2, and VJakson, all of whom provided some great recommendations here. And that's really the goal of the deck: we're focused on one thing--getting the most value we can out of our Posse.

The Posse

The main posse members are: Domino herself, Atlas Bear, Diamondback, Outlaw, and White Fox. There are a couple honorary members: Lockjaw, Pip the Pug, and White Tiger, and they're all here to help Domino live her best life.

  • Atlas Bear: remember that you can exhaust her to look at the top card of a player deck any time for no cost. If it's an event, you can choose to deal her 1 damage to draw it, but it's not mandatory even then. You can also put an event on top of your deck with things like her Hero ability and Pip the Pug and draw it right away.
  • Diamondback: such a great minion-clearing ally. When you get lucky with things like a or even Jackpot!, the bullets start flying.
  • Outlaw: comes in with toughness, so you can activate her extra times or even chump block. She can hit really hard as well, just like Diamondback, but against one target at a time.
  • White Fox: doesn't thwart or attack for much, but she's basically FREE, which is just the best kind of price I love to pay for cards to be honest.
  • Lockjaw is great for a resource dump, cos Domino just has so much money, and Pip always appreciates another doggo friend.
  • White Tiger: not a Fox, but this Tiger has some real claws. She's great for just drawing cards (which help this deck so much), and also helps you from just completely resetting every time you play Call for Aid.

feelin lucky
Well, do ya?

To complement all of this, you have a few support card: The Posse, Call for Aid, Make the Call, Med Lab, Pip the Pug, The Painted Lady, and Weapon X. Phew. So many! Oh, and Innovation too. Helps keep people healthy (mainly Atlas Bear and Diamondback, but sometimes Outlaw, and it's really fun healing Lockjaw for exactly 1 cos it means he can activate another time.

  • The Posse: this is the card that truly ties everything together. Heal 1 damage from all Posse members and ready them.
  • Call for Aid does a lot of work here. First of all, it finds White Tiger (if she's in your deck). If not, you can just use it to reset. While you're doing that, draw and Digging Deeps you find, oh and White Fox too. What's more, if you have The Painted Lady in play, you can basically use it as a tutor and just bank some important pieces to grab for next turn. You can do very similar things with Weapon X. Remember that if you discard Jackpot! this way, you have a lot of options, adding it to your hand, shuffling into your deck, or attaching it to The Painted Lady. They're all responses, so just choose the one that makes the most sense for you at the time.
  • Make the Call lets you dig through your discard for allies to play. Doesn't combo with Lockjaw or White Tiger, unfortunately, but well, Lockjaw doesn't need it anyway, and White Tiger still has Call for Aid and Med Lab.
  • Strength In Numbers: I waffled about including this card or not. It's such a no-brainer for so many decks, but it does get a lot of special value here. Atlas Bear and Diamondback don't always get used every round, Outlaw comes in play with a tough, Lockjaw has double consequential. Just the list goes on, but you can also do a pseudo-Avengers Assemble with The Posse by drawing 4 with all of them and readying (and healing!) them. And Domino usually has so many resources to spend, the card draw really helps a lot.
  • Med Lab may seem a bit odd at first. It doesn't help with Atlas Bear or Diamondback if they are defeated from their abilities. However, it's really great for Outlaw and White Tiger. Outlaw definitely gets much more value when you just attack or thwart with her. Coming into play exhausted isn't great, but thankfully The Posse has you covered.
  • One final note about Leadership Training, which has a few uses. If the top card of your discard happens to be Call for Aid, Make the Call, or Strength In Numbers, you can shuffle it away into your deck and pick something else for Neena's Alter-Ego ability. Additionally, you can use Pip the Pug and then shuffle it away if you don't want to immediately flip up and discard it to your Pistols or something. It takes a little bit of nuance to know the best time to use it, but I promise it's a great card here. At the very least, it gets to put those powerful Leadership events back into your deck.

not what she originally said lol

Feelin' Lucky

Domino's main thing is about flipping the top card of your deck and seeing if it's wild or not (it's a little more complicated than that, but you'll get the hang of it). Thankfully, this deck is 50% , but Domino definitely has lots of ways to make that seem like 100%. Plus, you still get double value with the doubles Energy, Genius, and Strength, and triple word scores with Jackpot!

Her events A Good Workout (5-7 damage is great no matter what resource you hit), Luck Be a Lady (remember it counts every resource, so let you pick 2, Energy heals 4, and Jackpot! gets the full monty), Right Place, Right Time (removes 4-6 threat) all let you spin the wheel. She also has a few upgrades you can use every round.

First of all are Domino's Pistols and Sharpshooter. Sharpshooter is basically an extra version of either Pistol, but it doesn't have much value on its own. If you get one Pistol, Sharpshooter basically counts as your other Pistol. If you get all 3 down though, you're shooting with double barrels, and just do so much damage. Did I mention how they're FREE and how much I love paying FREE for stuff?

Probability Field is similar, but works on basic activations. It's important to note that it's every kind of basic activation. So you have 4-6 REC, 2-4 THW, 3-5 ATK, and 4-6 DEF. Remember again how all of that is FREE? Playing The Posse just lets you pop off even more.

i'm rich you know
Behind the scenes at FFG when designing Domino

Throw the Dice

The last really important thing to know about Domino is how absolutely rich she is. You'll notice a total lack of some common staples like Deft Focus or X-Gene. In spite of the large number of basic cards with high costs (that you can play quite often), you simply don't need The Power in All of Us. Additionally, most economy options are extra card draw because resource discounts don't help if you have lots of resources in hand.

Strength In Numbers, Avengers Mansion, The Painted Lady, and Weapon X all let you draw extra cards. You need them. Helicarrier is too expensive for 'sometimes I can't even use this', but Avengers Mansion is great value since it gives you a card. If you find it too expensive, try replacing with Moira MacTaggert, but she's perfectly capable of affording it, and the card draw every turn (and when you want) is very helpful. The Painted Lady is Alter-Ego only card draw, but with Call for Aid and Weapon X discarding through your deck, you get to choose the best cards to draw as they hit the discard.

There are a whopping 8 resources in the deck. Innovation helps keep your allies healthy (best targets again are Atlas Bear, Lockjaw, and Outlaw). Digging Deep is the star of the show though. Every time you roll the dice with one of Domino's events, or Probability Field, or her Pistols (or Sharpshooter), you can swap it with the top card of your deck if it's already in your hand. That basically acts as a card draw since you just redraw it anyway, but also doubles the effect on your cards. And Jackpot? Yeah, there's a lot you can do with that.

Play it for a non-event card, then swap it with the top card of your deck with Pip or draw it again with her Alter-Ego ability. If you don't need to spend it, put it on top of your deck with your Hero ability and shuffle it away. Every time you Call for Aid, Jackpot will still remain in your deck (whether you deck out or not), so there's a great chance you get it next turn. Or now! Try to see how many times in a row you can hit Jackpot off the top of your deck from Probability Field, her Pistols, and Sharpshooter. Once your deck is pretty thin, you've got a pretty good chance. Just remember that if you discard Jackpot, and it's the very last card in your deck, you still have to reset your whole deck. You don't get to just have a single card deck with Jackpot over and over (but it can still feel like that sometimes!). And remember if you draw it with Weapon X or if The Painted Lady is in play, you can choose where Jackpot ends up since they're all responses (and all optional). You can even leave in the discard! That might not seem like a great idea, but man-is-obsolete explains why that's a good idea here.

The best Jackpot play is using it to play something in Alter-Ego (like a Make the Call for one of your many Posse members), using Pip to put it on top of your deck, using Weapon X or Avengers Mansion to draw it, spending it on something else (that's not an event), then using Neena's Alter-Ego ability to to swap it with a card in hand. And remember that when you flip up to hero, you can swap it with a card in hand, and any of her discard effects will keep it back in the deck. Did I mention Domino is absolutely filthy stinking RICH?

Clarity of Purpose is also included because it's just so strong and is usable on anything. You have so much healing with Probability Field and that it is fairly inconsequential.

The Cutting Room Floor

Like I explained above. This deck went through a lot of testing and iterations. I tried many cards, so if you want to have a look at them, here are some in no particular order:

  • Lead from the Front (her events kind of had the same effect)
  • Team Training (I only wanted it to work on some allies, like Atlas Bear, Diamondback, or Lockjaw, but not White Fox or White Tiger. Maybe if you decide Med Lab isn't for you, this could be a good inclusion.
  • Beast. Honestly he's so great here since he can always tutor for Jackpot!, but with the ally spaces so filled with Posse members, it's hard to find the room. I think if you go for a more good stuff Leadership build, definitely include him. I've also seen lots of success with a few other Leadership allies, but I'll let others discover and share their experiences with that.
  • Symbiote Suit: Honestly not bad at all! Could be a good replacement for Avengers Mansion, but I did like the mid-turn card draw a lot. It's also got a resource, and now it's down to only 19 cards after I took it out (very sad indeed)
  • Enhanced cards and Resourceful. They weren't bad. I think Enhanced Physique gets a lot of value in an Aggression Jarnbjorn build that I'll probably test at some point, but they didn't really get played. They're not always meant to, but Domino has so much control over the deck that it was never an issue.
  • Stinger: honestly I didn't test this, but it does seem like it could be good if you want to lean even more into Strength In Numbers.
  • Deft Focus and X-Gene. You just don't need them all the time. They both have upsides over the other: X-Gene has a resource, Deft Focus can be used on Lucky and Good and Probability Field to help set up. In the end, neither ended up being necessary. If you're scared about the damage from Clarity of Purpose, find the one you like best, or go to 41 cards and include both!
  • Player Side Schemes. They just weren't necessary. They're great! Absolutely, but Build Support can't get Avengers Mansion. It's helpful for finding Pip the Pug or The Painted Lady though. Superpower Training wasn't necessary since there are so many ways to find all of your stuff. Get your Pistols and can't play them? Just spend them now on something and then put them back in your deck with Pip or into your hand with your Alter-Ego ability. It's easy-peasy lemon squeezie. There's probably some more I'm forgetting but please experiment as much as you can! Don't be afraid to go nuts. There's a lot to unlock with this hero. Enjoy

Aug 20, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4286

2 dr00 decks in one day?!?!? White Tiger + Call for Aid is exciting! Also med lab to bring her back. Outlaw going to Med Lab is great even without the ready from posse, she will still ready in the villain phase to use that tough.

Aug 20, 2023 dr00 · 41155

@Man-is-Obsolete we're gettin spoiled cos we had to wait so long for new cards lol

yep, Outlaw on Med Lab is great value

Aug 20, 2023 josseroo · 658

Med Lab is spectacular on allies with Toughness since you often won't be activating them the turn they come into play anyway. Great write-up as always!

Aug 20, 2023 fencing2016 · 1

The Med Lab + Outlaw play here is very very good. This is the type of thing I see and go, dang how did I not think of that! Alter-Ego resource sink+pairs well with Painted Lady love it

Aug 20, 2023 Alatreon · 95

How about Hope Summers, who can be a member of the Posse by copying Domino's traits?

Aug 20, 2023 raddoc10 · 2

Great deck, but are you playing her alter-ego ability right? You swap a card in hand (not the top of the deck) with the top card of discard pile.

Aug 21, 2023 dr00 · 41155

@josseroo @fencing2016 yep! it's so great here!

@Alatreon i didn't test it on the campaign, but that sounds great! will definitely have to remember that (the box hasn't arrived in NZ yet)

@raddoc10 i was literally just playing the game and someone pointed out i was mixing it up with Pug's haha. was hoping to edit before anyone noticed! good catch

Aug 21, 2023 Erathis · 15

@dr00 It's missing from the website but there is a Hope Summers Basic ally in addition to the campaign only one (the Campaign one doesn't copy your traits though so it wouldn't be part of the Posse anyway). She's a 4 cost that gains all of your traits and grabs a superpower card when played from hand.

Aug 21, 2023 Erathis · 15

Regarding having too much money, I think running Moira and Symbiote would probably be a good idea. Especially since you'll always want to flip each turn making Moira consistent value and the suit gives you some health when you don't want to lose allies to blocking (to keep your Strength in Numbers going). The other card that comes to mind that might help (if you find yourself with leftover Dig Deeps at the end of the turn) is Plan B. Not the biggest impact of a card but it's at least reliable in being able to turn that last card into tangible value.

Aug 21, 2023 dr00 · 41155

@Erathis oooh that one! yeah, that's a good shout! i'll definitely test it. i think replacing Lockjaw is probably good for that one then

i do really like Symbiote Suit. it adds to her basic powers and gives you even more card draw, and Moira is great too. it was just competing for other cards, and i think i like Avengers Mansion and Weapon X just a little more. i was also thinking about Plan B but didn't have time to test it out. it was a really late thought along with Mutant Education (which i don't think is actually great for her), but i didn't test them. there's plenty left to test though! i think this has been the first hero where i've really struggled with all the cuts to get it down to 40 cards lol

Aug 21, 2023 ChocoboBai · 1007

Thanks for posting, it looks really good. I was trying something similar but with Beast and stuff rather than the Posse allies, will definitely add a few ideas from here!

I hadn't thought about Leadership Training with Make the Call. If you spend Jackpot on Make the Call it's annoying as the top card of the discard will be Make the Call, but with that you can put it back in and grab Jackpot instead with the Alter-Ego ability. Also means you are going to draw into Make the Call with most of your allies in the discard.

Did you ever find that you end up cycling the deck too often with Call for Aid with only one Avenger? I was running 2 Avengers and it seemed good still.

Also, did you try Professor X? I am finding the confuse pretty essential to enable Alter-Ego turns. It ends up being quite consistent as you can put him on The Painted Lady to guarantee you have him when you switch to Alter-Ego. Probably not needed if you are playing multiplayer though.

Agree with not needing Deft Focus / X-Gene, you have so many resources already!

Aug 25, 2023 Kamehameha · 43

This deck is chef’s kiss! I played it tonight for the first time. Call for Aid turn 1 set up a pretty big turn with drawing a couple Digging Deep’s and then White Tiger of course. But the best moment was getting all four posse allies in play at the same time and using The Posse. Mm.

Aug 26, 2023 dr00 · 41155

@ChocoboBai yeah, i think Beast and a few other Leadership allies is probably overall a stronger deck. i really push theme though and had a lot of fun with the Posse support. as for cycling with Call for Aid, you know when it will cycle your deck or not, and shuffling things back is great. i'm almost tempted to use it without any avengers allies cos reshuffling your deck while also getting to handpick a few out to put on Painted Lady is great for setting up future turns (or even the current turn)

Professor X is great, but honestly i think it might have too many allies already. Lockjaw doesn't get played too often cos there isn't always space lol. i don't want yet another ally. i think if you don't go all in with Posse, you can fit him in though

@Kamehameha yeah, so good! glad you enjoyed it. Domino is such a fun hero, and honestly she has so many options no matter what aspect you're in, but i think Leadership is the best option for Posse

Aug 26, 2023 Arkane · 7

Hey great deck and write up! I will swap Leadership training for Hawkeye Kate Bishop. I will smooth out the utility of call for aid when white tiger is in play and she can shoot for 3 with Jackpot or 2 with double ressources.

Aug 30, 2023 Juanmigul · 1

Hello, maybe this is a silly question, it's supposed that when discarding Jackpot with Call for Aid you have the option to send it to the hand, how does that work? I have clear options to send it to the Painted Lady, send it to the deck or leave it discarded, but I don't understand the option of sending it to the hand. Apart from that I'm looking forward to NeXt Evolution to try this deck.

Aug 30, 2023 dr00 · 41155

@Arkane oh that's a good one! i think i'll replace White Tiger with her for A/B villains where she doesn't draw any cards lol, but i really prefer just having one avenger. there's a lot of times where it all it does is grab White Tiger when i'm not in a position to play her. i'd much rather discard many more cards for more options and more hits for things like Digging Deep and White Fox. but if that works better for you, that's great! it's definitely a great call

@Juanmigul if you discard Jackpot! with Call for Aid, you can shuffle it back into your deck, attach it to Painted Lady if it's out, or let it stay in the discard pile. you don't have an option to add it to your hand since it only digs for allies.

Aug 30, 2023 Juanmigul · 1

@dr00 Oh, ok thank you very much. I misinterpreted this part: "Remember that if you discard Jackpot! this way, you have a lot of options, adding it to your hand, shuffling into your deck, or attaching it to The Painted Lady."

Aug 31, 2023 ChocoboBai · 1007

@dr00 After playing both versions they are pretty similar in strength really, plus with this you get to use all of the new cards! The Posse is so good. They actually play quite differently, as this deck keeps allies in play whereas if you are using Beast and stuff you want to let them die and replay them.

Sep 01, 2023 dr00 · 41155

@Juanmigul oh yes haha. yeah that's just with Weapon X

@ChocoboBai glad to hear it! yeah, the posse is just so fun. i think if you're going for a general good-stuff Leadership, Gamora and Adam Warlock are also decent options. who all did you use?

Oct 13, 2023 Staxston · 1

@dr00 Top marks bro! is there a possibility to see this in action? i'd love to see a video playthru for me to comprehend this sorcery you're doing. I'm a fan!

Dec 12, 2023 dr00 · 41155

@Staxston haha i can try! i don't have a yt channel or anything, but it could be something i could do if it won't take up too much of my time

Jan 26, 2024 Herowannabe · 1

Late to the party, but have you considered Captain Marvel instead of or in addition to White Tiger? Call for Aid fetches her, and Domino usually doesn't have a hard time paying for her. Plus, Captain Marvel's ability plays nicely with Domino's theme of discarding cards.

May 12, 2024 dr00 · 41155

@Herowannabe that's definitely a good call too, especially for scenarios with A/B villains who don't have stage numbers. the main reason i go for White Tiger is getting the value from milling your deck. late game, it doesn't matter too much either way, cos you're all set up, but using it early can be kind of difficult to get all that value from it. i'll definitely try it out though the next time i'm playing something like Morlock Siege/On the Run