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M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 1346

EDIT Dropped: 1 Interrogation Room 1 First Aid

Added: 1 Followed 1 Spycraft

"Allow myself to introduce... myself..."

The scene in the first Avengers movie, where Black Widow is tied up and being interrogated/tortured by the KGB comes to mind when playing this deck. Widow stays undercover, thwarting the villains scheming while having the situation under control and able to turn on hero mode, even bound, and kick all sorts of butt before going back under cover and allowing her Avenger and S.H.I.E.L.D. allies to dole out punishment!

So a poll on the Facebook Marvel Champions group asking which identity can play best while never flipping over to Hero form. That got me thinking about how you could play Black Widow, keep her at the Blackjack table and still be highly successful. Covert Ops, her natural alter-ego ability and Safe House #29 are the keys here. Covert Ops is a huge card that can remove 4 threat and confuse the villain while you're still in alter-ego mode! Safe House let's you loop Counterintelligence indefinitely and she gets to draw a card every time you play it.

A strong hand size of 6 coupled with drawing a card for Counterintel... which plays for "free" once you get her Black Widow's Gauntlet's out... and then you tack on the cards from Espionage and she's flush with gambling winnings at the casino, and able to afford big cost cards like Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Daredevil, etc... get out the Helicarrier and now the cost effectiveness gets silly. You really don't even play most of her signature cards, you just pitch them as resources. Dropping a Grappling Hook doesn't hurt if you want to flip in for a turn to do some Dance of Death damage, but it's not needed. The only real benefit to keeping her signature cards out is to thin the deck a little in the late game and make sure you have at least 4 preps in play so Winter Soldier plays for free. That said, with your First Aid's you're not losing Bucky to the lost pile very often.

Once you're setup, the engine just crushes the scenario. You don't even use the Beat Cops to kill minions, you just have a free x3 threat clear every turn. Against Klaw, my Beat Cops finished at 13/10/9 threat on them respectively. Quake deals out massive damage over the course of the game and since you're so flush with cash, you can attack with allies, then drop fresh allies and attack with them too. Espionage is really stellar here and sets Widow up for some massive turns and triggers, you guessed it, while she's in alter-ego mode ;) Against Klaw I flipped to hero mode 2 times in 14 turns. Once to clear out some guards quicker (could easily have taken the longer approach with Quake), and the second was to just finish the game. Flipped to hero, Dance of Death for 6, Winter Soldier for 2, Daredevil for 2 and Quakefor 2, 12 damage, game over. :)


As I've played the deck more, I've found that there are points where the spider can and should come out of the shadows for a turn and deal some extra Dance of Death damage. The nice thing about the build is that you can really take a few turns of setup to protect yourself so when those moments arise. She can come out safely, do what she needs to do and drop back into the background. If you find your engine is setup, then your next steps are to make sure you get the Synth-Suit, Grappling Hook and a Widow's Bite in play. This will let you flip, hit for 8 (ATK + DoD), possibly take care of any Hero actions needed to clear attachments, etc and be fairly well protected for the villain's turn, knowing full well you are going to flip back and be afforded the safety the build provides. :)

Next up, Mutagen Formula!


Beat Expert Rhino with Running Interference with 0 threat left on the 1B main.
Beat Expert Klaw with Masters of Evil with 0 threat left on the 2B main.

Beat Expert Ultron with Under Attack with 3 threat left on 2B main.

Beat Expert Risky Business with Goblin Gimmicks with 3 threat left on 2B main.

Beat Expert Kang with Master of Time with 3 threat left on 4B.


Nov 06, 2020 ImpossibleGerman · 5798

This is WILD dude

Nov 06, 2020 Game it all · 1

I really like this list.

Nov 06, 2020 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 1346

Thanks! Going to try and get Ultron and Risky Business Expert in tonight.

Nov 06, 2020 mistergross · 1

Very cool. Did you experiment with Foiled! at all, or was it totally unnecessary?

Nov 07, 2020 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 1346

Totally unnecessary. Once you setup the Counterintelligence engine, whatever slips through your Beat Cop’s and Covert Ops handles.

Nov 07, 2020 dendra55 · 1

Nice idea and concept. Just playing Klaw Expert right now. 2 secondary plans and acceleration at start is hard without Under Surveillance and unlucky draws. Maybe I need to flip those turns. Will keep trying and learn to pilot it because I love the concept and Natasha. Many thanks for posting this.

Nov 08, 2020 Siris101 · 16

Really innovative and unique deck! Staying in alter ego seems so strange. I will try it tonight!

Nov 08, 2020 josseroo · 5

A very fun way to try to play the game. Played Expert Rhino and was finally able to beat him on the 4th try, and it was without flipping at all. It's fun trying to negotiate the early game to keep things under control while you get things set up, but (at least with Rhino) is a bit of an uninteresting grind once your engine is setup.

Nov 08, 2020 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 1346

@josseroo the nice thing about the build is that you actually can flip to hero for a turn when you get things setup, deal out some big punishment, and then go underground again. The aim of the build was to make it so you never have to leave Alter-Ego and that's what it does best, but you do find yourself in some spots where flipping to hero to take advantage of a huge hand (when 3 espionages hit) is definitely doable! I have usually finished out the game with her in Hero too. Last night, I got Goblin to stage III in Risky Business and then had all my Espionage's hit, so I was able to clear 2 guards (with Beat Cops) and then deal 22 between Nick Fury drop, ally attacks Dance of Death and Widow's attack. It was a nice satisfying finale. :)

Nov 09, 2020 dendra55 · 1

Just beat Expert Klaw with Masters of Evil set. At the start you have 7 Threat and main schema acceleration to clean. Mulligan for Under Surveillance was needed becase those 6 Threat poins in the main schema are hard if you get too many minions at start to punish you with small schema activations where Counterintelligence doesn't help you. Game was long until I stabilized the table, Klaw got retaliation and was hurting my minions, so I had to swap to hero some times to really dish the damage end game and help with the first turns big threat preassure. Was fun and exhausting, and the deck was a blast to pilot. Espionage is awesome on this deck. Thanks por posting it @M3t4lB0x (TLM)

Nov 09, 2020 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 1346

Glad ya had fun with it!!

Nov 09, 2020 dendra55 · 1

@M3t4lB0x (TLM)I was trying to get more damage output in alter ego mode but finnally without cards like Stealth Strike (hero) I understood that tactic here is stabilize the table, be patient, and swap to hero to really make damage. Daredevil Winter Soldier and Spider-Man are not allways enough as damage dealers. So I guess you must learn to be patient. Agent Coulson and Jessica Jones are great but not key here, same for Interrogation Room. Thinking about cut some of those cards (maybe 2x First Aid, 2x Counterintelligence) to get better consistency and add Spycraft to improve Espionage efectiveness. What do you think? Thanks and excuse my poor english!

Nov 09, 2020 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 1346

Thanks for the feedback! It's definitely a slow burn where you methodically navigate the game state and it's a very different mindset to play the deck verse normal, conventional builds. That said, with the entire core set, Goblin and RotRS under my belt in expert mode, personally, I've never felt there was inadequate damage. I already cut Interrogation Room for another Followed, but I've found the 3x First Aid to be extremely valuable. I could see dropping 1 for First Aid for a Spycraft. I wouldn't drop the Counterintelligence tho, that's the key to the deck and while 3 become superfluous once you get the deck setup, if you get a slow start, you need to find those so you can navigate the first few turns to get setup. Agent Coulson and Jessica Jones certainly aren't essential, but they are very useful in that Coulson provides strong thwarting if needed and can pull the Counterintel to get things moving, and Jessica is another 2 ATK ally in Justice. Quite a few time's I've dropped Jessica, attacked for 2, then dropped Daredevil to discard her and do 2 more on the same turn because you're flush with cash from 3 Espionage's triggering. By all means, change things up and give it a go! Nothing like experimentation! :)

Nov 09, 2020 neothechosen · 1851

This is absolutely monstrous! LOVE IT!

THX for sharing!

Nov 10, 2020 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 1346

Currently playing 2 player against Kang, Expert with Master of Time... handled Level 1 pretty easily. Knowing you're already going to sit in Alt, Obligations become much easier to handle, he never gets his attack boost... the one killer card in his arsenal tho, is Energy Blast, that can wreck you if it gets your Safe House #29, so you need to always make sure you have fodder for it. We had to pause the game, so he just went to lvl2 only 1 accelerator on the main, Kang (Iron Lad) and Kang (Immortus) in play... should be awesome! We continue tonight, but I'm pretty confident Widow will be able to handle Iron Lad quickly and go help out Hulk! :P

Nov 13, 2020 dendra55 · 1

@M3t4lB0x (TLM) just beat Expert Ultron with Under Attack with 0 threat left on 2B. Counterintelligence was awesome firing it on enemy phase step 1. Game was long, but tbh all BW/justice are long games. I removed 3 cards from your last updated version looking for 40 limit and consistency: 1 Espionage, 1 Beat Cop and 1 Followed. Awesome deck.

Nov 21, 2020 Novawyrm · 85

I've played this build and it worked amazingly well. I am really impressed with Black Widow. I made a Protection BW build and rocked never flipping to alter-ego. Now this build allows her to never flip to hero. Amazing hero design GG FFG.

Nov 23, 2020 myeh · 15

I was a bit skeptical. I tested against Think Expert Solo and flipped to Hero only once, which was at the very end to KO with Dance of Death (and had 0 threat on the main scheme to boot). This was super fun to play and totally blew my mind. Thanks for sharing!

Nov 23, 2020 myeh · 15

sorry that was supposed to say *Rhino Expert Solo (stupid auto-correct)

Dec 02, 2020 Gremore · 8

The exact same build works extremely well with Captain Marvel, I'd hazard even better because you can set up an Energy Channel for a blast of 10 damage for 0 cards on that turn. Plus she effectively has a 7 card hand before supports/upgrades. Tested it against Kang Expert with Master of Time!

Dec 02, 2020 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 1346

Sweet, I’ll have to try that out! It seems like the trade off is having the guaranteed counterintelligence/covert ops lock for some much heavier damage. :)

Dec 21, 2020 VisiblyRiley · 2

Just played a version of this with -1Counterintelligence/Under Surveillance against Zola in multiplayer. Insanely effective—thanks for the upload!

Dec 22, 2020 dendra55 · 1

@VisiblyRileyAgree getting the deck down to 40 is risky but great for consistency. I cut another Espionage myself to get there. Tested that nice Ms.Marvel idea and I still think Natasha works better.

Feb 08, 2021 Superbosher · 85

Please could you like my decks since I liked yours.

Mar 10, 2021 adsarf · 82

I've just published a Ms Marvel deck 'inspired' by this one at marvelcdb.com It isn't as good as this deck, but I enjoyed building it. Many thanks @M3t4lB0x (TLM) for the inspiration.

Mar 26, 2021 MisterCram · 1

I'm just getting into Marvel Champions and I have had so much fun with this deck. Thanks!