Set 'Em Up and Knock 'Em Down

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dr00 · 18800

Have you ever bowled a perfect 300 point game? That's what playing this deck is like. I assume. I mean I haven't bowled 300 except that one time in Wii Sports, but the rush just isn't the same y'know? Anyway, we're getting off track. Where are those meme pictures? Yeah, ok here you go. Now onto the deck.

The Deck

Sam Alexander has one of the best cards in the game in Unleash Nova Force. It allows you to draw a card and ready Sam every time you defeat a minion or reduce the threat of a scheme to 0. Readying Sam has another benefit because he readies his helmet after performing a basic action. This deck is entirely built around that concept. Use One Way or Another to set up side schemes, and then knock them all down.


Most of the ally choices focus on controlling the encounter deck. Agent Coulson, for example, can grab Spycraft to save you from a really terrible treachery. Vivian can blank most encounter cards for the turn, which is especially useful to set up a good combo turn by blanking that side scheme you just pulled with One Way or Another. Wraith provides some helpful boost card control. The remaining allies are just generally good. Ironheart needs no explanation, but if your friend is curious, you can tell them that she draws a card and can chump block an attack from the villain right away. Quasar helps with the math for clearing those side schemes.


With the exception of One Way or Another, all of the Justice events are used to help clear threats from the board; the former sets 'em up, and the rest knock 'em down. Clear the Area offers incredible value, enabling 2 extra cards, another activation, and an extra resource from your helmet during an Unleash Nova Force turn. Agile Flight can spread threat removal around to allow Nova to bounce through side schemes one at a time, getting even more value from Unleash Nova Force. Stealth Strike by defeating minions and possibly defeating a side scheme or at the very least helping with the math.

Supports and Upgrades

All of the supports and upgrades help with other functions of the deck. The star of the show of course is Supernova Helmet, which gives resources multiple times a turn, and allows you to play Agile Flight. Champions Mobile Bunker and Jesse Alexander dig for the rid pieces you need and Reconnecting to the Worldmind. Heroic Intuition doubles Nova's THW to help him defeat side schemes. Justice Served shouldn't be used on an Unleash Nova Force turn, but can help you on other turns. Since it gives you an extra activation and resource from your helmet, there's a lot of value in that. It's a particularly good way to get back after being exhausted from an encounter effect or needing to defend in the villain phase.


The choices I've made are based on my own experiences and preferences to make it as cohesive as possible, but there are many alternative viable options. As far as allies go, Jessica Jones and Spider-Man can help a lot in higher player counts. Moon Girl, Spider-Man, and Wasp are decent champions-traited allies who offer a lot of value if you include other options like "Go for Champions!" or Team-Building Exercise.

There are many other great justice events like Making an Entrance, Multitasking, and Turn the Tide that help defeat side schemes and reward you for doing so. Another great event to consider is First Aid to keep Ms. Marvel recurring events.

Determination, Everyday Hero, and The Power in All of Us are all valuable resource cards. Remember that wilds generated are doubled for Lightspeed Flight and Pot Shot, and there's some extra value for Forcefield Projection and Supernova Helmet when you have some extra to spend.

As far as supports and upgrades go, Beat Cop, Interrogation Room, and Surveillance Team (with Monica Chang) can help with the math to help Nova defeat side schemes. And finally, Sense of Justice can help pay for your thwarting events, but it's not always necessary, since your helmet can often pay for everything on its own.

Closing Thoughts

Nova is such an incredibly fun hero with the ability to push really satisfying burst turns with Unleash Nova Force. He has many viable builds in nearly every aspect, and Justice has one of the easiest times setting up those turns with One Way or Another. I hope you enjoy playing one of the most fun heroes in the game.