Spider Coin, Spider Coin, Buys Whatever Peter Wants

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Derived from
Toe to Toe with the X-Men 9 5 1 1.0
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Spiderman - Damage Dealer 0 0 0 1.0
Spider Man - Rich 0 0 0 1.0

Man-is-Obsolete · 4286

Spider Coin, Spider Coin, Buys Whatever Peter Wants


This is part of a two deck release that were played together through the NeXt Evolution campaign on Expert, multiple times. Please consider playing this alongside the following Spider Woman deck.


But we are here to talk about Spider Man! This deck was inspired by King of Rohan's Toe to Toe with the X-men deck. https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/26898/toe-to-toe-with-the-x-men-1.0. The big thing I noticed and was so impressed by was how this deck just so effortlessly lets Peter snowball into biiiiiig economy.

I made some modifications and updated it with some newer cards. Especially Player Side Schemes. Godslayer is here as a pull from Lock and Load. I also really leaned into the Mental resource. You got Ingenuity and Peter called dibs on the Quincarrier to generate a mental resource for Moon Girl. I found during my play that card draw was not a problem so I decided against Ironheart and opted for Vivian who can come in clutch, and I noticed my allies were doing a lot of work so I added Boot Camp and War Room

All told it was an already an amazing deck that I hope has only been improved or at worst equal to King of Rohan’s great deck!

NeXt, The Campaign

Does this deck work on it's own? Yes, but it, along with the linked Spider Woman deck were created with the NeXt Evolution campaign in mind. There is just so much economy here that this deck can effortlessly slide into any situation. Shuffle it up, keep in your bag, and if no one offers to take aggression break it out! But below we are going to get into the NeXt Evolution campaign and breakdown how we can use that to our advantage.

- Morlock Siege: Mission Prep

Starting with Mission Prep helps us get us off to a great start and both Spider Woman and Spider-Man have multiple targets. Mission prep is not to be confused with Superpower Training. This can put into play any two cost upgrade into play for us. So that gives us the ability to put Ingenuity into play for Peter and that is a huge start! The only reason not to start with Ingenuity is because you drew it in your opening hand and you'd rather play it and put something like Martial Prowess into play instead.

- On the Run: Assemble the Team

There's no clear cut answer here, but the top choices would be Professor X or Brawn. Professor X really helps with the confuse and thwarting down missions and other starting threat. Brawn is incredibly versatile and delivers great value. However, Vivian is a decent choice to blank Teleported Away for when you get to Mister Sinister.

- Juggernaut: Establish Safehouse

Lot of people will go Prepare Defenses here, but our defense is statuses, as we have Webbed Up and Spider Woman has Pheromones. Safehouse allows us to heal or draw more cards, and it allows us to get a head start on the final two scenarios which is important in this campaign. There's not a ton of strategy to talk here, Safehouse is insanely good and with statuses you should be able to get use this scenario and future scenarios.

- Mister Sinister: Practice Manuevers

Money Bags Peter is still frugal and enjoys the discount on Swinging Web Kick! Also gets a discount on Melee to help soften up minions and possible sneak in some villain damage. This is also great for the plan we have for Spider Woman's deck, so be sure to check that out.

- Stryfe: Prepare Defenses

It almost doesn't matter what Mission we take on in this final scenario, so I would almost want to choose the one with the least bad encounter card shuffled in. We don't mind Side Schemes, and this mission shuffles in a side scheme where as Gear up targets and discards cards from our hand. Prepared Defenses is not a bad reward either! Retaliate and +1 defense favors Spider-Man a little more here, but Spider Woman has access to tough and is no stranger to take undefended attacks, so the retaliate is a nice little bonus nugget.

Congratulations, You’ve Won!

The heroes have emerged victorious and returned to the present timeline where dum dum dum an even greater threat awaits! Super heroes never get a day off, but you should! The next time you find yourself with a bit of free time or able to meet up with some friends for some Marvel Champions I hope you consider given this and the linked Spider Woman deck a chance!!! Thank you all.


Sep 02, 2023 journeyman2 · 21768

Amazing that Peter really isn’t a broke college student in Marvel Champions! The oldest heroes still hold up and your dedication to returning to them shows

Sep 02, 2023 crono.v.trigger · 1

I've been thinking about returning to Spidey and seeing what build options the newer cards give 'im. And here you are, swinging in before everyone else. You're a true web warrior!

Sep 07, 2023 Sluggie · 4

6 Aggression attack events (inc. 3xMelee) and all that blue mana, but no Honed Technique? Sure, if Martial Prowess is used for Toe to Toe, you won't get the boost (but only matters if you need it at that point), but Martial Prowess is still good for Swinging Web Kick & Melee.

Sep 08, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4286

@Sluggie I don't like Honed Technique that much ¯(°_o)/¯, but if anyone can afford, money bags Peter can!