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ToneeTales · 180

This spiderman leadership deck is built around the idea of powering up Spider-man's signature ally Black Cat. The end-game damage is both high and consistent.

The idea is we make Black Cat an Honorary Avenger allowing for a suite of attachments to be place on her (Inspired, Power Gloves, and Sky Cycle) which give her a base of 6 damage a turn and multiple ways of assigning it.

If we are going to be filling up our deck with attachments it makes sense to include the two leadership attachment stars: Iron man (reduced cost on attachments), Ronin (+1/+1) when he has an attachment.

The other three allies: Maria hill, Ant-man, and Squirrel Girl are low cost and assist with thwarting and an occasional block in the early game while Spiderman builds up his three star allies.

Spider-man is well equipped to have a buffing allies deck because he is a defensive character with lots of villain control. His natural abilities of spider-sense and 3 defense in combination with his signature cards backflip, enhanced spider-sense, Aunt May, and webbed up allow him to defend himself without ally intervention.

Edits to the Deck, thanks to community suggestions and playtesting

Drop: The Triskelion, 2x Lead from the Front

Add: 2x Inspired Presence, 1x First Aid

Cards to Consider Lead from the Front, Get Ready, Nick Fury, Additional First aids Multiplayer: Avengers Tower


Jan 05, 2021 josseroo · 2

I only just noticed the other day that Black Cat doesn't take consequential damage on attacks (:facepalm:). I like the idea of buffing up Black Cat and letting her run wild. I would be included to go with 3x Honorary Avenger since making her an Avenger is needed to get half of the attachments onto her. Given the focus on buffed allies, I would also be more inclined to replace Lead from the Front with something that focuses more on untapping Black Cat and possibly others, such as Get Ready, Inspiring Presence, Earth's Mightiest Heroes or Avengers Assemble!, depending on your cost curve desires.

Jan 05, 2021 adsarf · 8

Nice deck, but wouldn't it be worth adding more First Aid? With all three, you could keep Ronin or Iron Man down pretty much forever. You get 6 thwart/2 damage from a fully-tooled up Iron Man out of each First Aid, which seems like good value.

Jan 06, 2021 ToneeTales · 180

@joseroo I chose Lead from the Front because I didn't want additional damage. However, after looking at that inspiring presence card it's basically what I wanted but better. I just bought the pack with that card yesterday so I wasn't familiar with it. In my play testing, I haven't had any issue getting honorary avenger on her. In the meantime, I just place attachments on the other two allies. It is definitely something I'll consider if I run into issues in the the future.

Jan 06, 2021 ToneeTales · 180

@adsarfThanks for the suggestion. It is great value and I think 1 would be too few. I actually had two first aids in my actual deck after I cut triskelion, so I never play-tested with less. In the four matches I've played with this deck, keeping the allies healthy has never been an issue. Team training and inspired presence put Ronin and Iron man at 6 and I have to wait to get sky cycle on them before I am doing multiplied activations.

Jan 06, 2021 adsarf · 8

@ToneeTales you don't list Inspiring Presence in the deck? Of course it depends on the length of the game, but I feel that First Aid is a much stronger card than Reinforced Suit, because I can play it on every run through the deck, whereas I can only suit up each ally once. I'd therefore add the suit only after I had got all three First Aid into the deck. United We Stand will probably be even better when you can get hold of a copy.

Jan 06, 2021 neothechosen · 619

I have a deck that's very close to yours, actually (, I too would suggest to include ways to ready Black Cat. I included 3 copies of Get Ready and Inspiring Presence, and also Lead from the Front so, it can be done.

Also, when you've got so many options to ready her, having Honorary Avenger only twice doesn't metter as much, even if you get it by the end of your deck, because you're already activating her multiple times, probably with Inspired at the very least.

still a good list!

Jan 06, 2021 ToneeTales · 180

@adsarfI meant reinforced suit not inspiring presence. I see the argument for first aid over reinforced suit. Although, I don't think you always get benefit from first aid everytime through the deck. For instance reinforced suit is more beneficial when your ally has one damage point on them, so in the first run through it is more versatile. It cost 1 less on Iron man, and even though the deck is centered around the idea of powering Black Cat. Iron man is much easier to get online. It also adds protection from treachery cards that deal damage to all characters. I like that with reinforced suit + team training I get a buffer until those first aids come around and I'm not as dependent on timing. All that being said, I could see the use in including another first aid.

Jan 06, 2021 ToneeTales · 180

@neothechosen That is awesome that we have a similar deck! I would love to find a spot for more ways to ready Black cat. The difficulty is that Get Ready only has real value for Black Cat. The other stars of the deck Ronin & Iron man require health management. Get Ready is awesome for Black Cat once she has at least one buff on her but if she is at the bottom of my deck then that card has no value until i get her out. I might try the readying cards you have suggested if I am playing a multiplayer game where there is less initial villain pressure and I can play late game carry.

Jan 06, 2021 adsarf · 8

@ToneeTales Those are good points. Thanks for your insight.

Jan 06, 2021 neothechosen · 619

I get your point, actually. It really depends what you're looking for: you could go all-in on Black Cat, or go for "allies survivability", then First Aid, Inspiring Presence, Team Training and Reinforced Suit are indeed the way to go.

It's going to end up a fun deck anyway!

Jan 12, 2021 Trumble · 1

Has it been said that Avenger's tower would pay for itself dumb quickly? I notice Maria isnt an Avenger, but even so, having all of you recurring Avengers cost 1 less is great and you can share the discount with others on the board as well.

Jan 14, 2021 takabrash · 1

Loving this deck- Black Cat is a killer!

Jan 14, 2021 ToneeTales · 180

@Trumble Avenger's tower could be used in place of Avengers Tower. If you draw Avengers Tower early with this deck you could get a discount on 4-5 allies. Once you get the primary three allies on the board, you are only occasionally playing the other allies when spider-man's high cost signature cards (webbed-up, swinging-web-kick) aren't available. Typically once you get his allies online the game is ending in a few turns. Triskelion allows for an additional allie for 1 cheaper and doesn't exclude Maria Hill. I think it's a preference pick, and in multiplayer I can definitely see the value. Thanks for your contribution, I will update my post!

Jan 14, 2021 ToneeTales · 180

@TrumbleIn addition, Triskelion was ultimately dropped because the extra allie didn't feel necessary once the three primary cards are on the table, the game is ending. So Avengers Tower is really only there for discounts. Still I think, it's great for multiplayer, even better if you can get your teammate to run it instead :D

Jan 14, 2021 ToneeTales · 180

@takabrashGlad you are enjoying the deck. I hope FFG creates more signature allies that players can deck build around.

Jan 17, 2021 Heyenzzz · 1

I play a similar deck with Vision as the designated hitter. Boost his att, swing, ready him with all the readying leadership cards, then swing some more for 8-12 damage. Spiderman's Web-Shooter is a reliable tool to power up Vision's ability. That build does require managing Vision's health, something this build around Black Cat doesn't require.

Jan 18, 2021 Aphexia · 1

@Heyenzzzdecklist please

Jan 18, 2021 neothechosen · 619

@Aphexia got one that worked on the same idea, using both Goliath and Vision. Haven't played or updated in a while, and I used Captain Marvel, but I guess it would work with spidey.

Jan 18, 2021 neothechosen · 619

@Aphexia I just checked the list I gave you in the previous msg, it doesn't include any upgrades (Inspired, Reinforced Suit...). Might not be what you're looking for, sorry!

Jan 21, 2021 Pickles · 13

Good thinking. I came at this deck from the other direction - use the attachments on the allies that benefit it most. A mate suggested Spiderman or I would be in Cpt Marvel and missing the super Black Cat synergy. Its suitable different Interesting that such different takes on the same theme all work well. I wish Justice was as interesting to build as Leadership :)

Jan 21, 2021 Pickles · 13

Also - amusing to see you doing the Call for Aid with Cpt Marvel & Spider Woman :)

Jan 21, 2021 ToneeTales · 180

@PicklesI agree. Justice feels like the most narrow aspect currently. It desperately needs a new batch of cards. I hope with Scarlet Witch the aspect becomes more dynamic with combo potential.

I love Call for Aid in that Deck. Since the whole deck revolves around that ally. Captain Marvel is the only avenger in that deck, it basically means Call for Aid adds another copy of her to the deck. Sure, Call for Aid might have you discard half your deck to find her, but it's worth it. The deck is strong enough that an extra encounter card isn't much of a penalty.