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Stretch · 393

After seeing how good Justice Groot could be with allies to allow him to build his growth counters and max his events with Overwatch, I revisited Gamora for a much more thematic deck that was also efficient. This is a stun-focused deck, or a sword-focused deck versus stalwart villains.

Strategy: Mulligan for Keen Instincts, Martial Prowess, and Helicarrier. These will fuel Drop Kick stuns. Also try to get Team-Building Exercise and Knowhere out. Most of these allies you can get out very cheaply.

Clear the Area I prefer over Powerful Punch and Tackle so that there are more thwart events to add damage to Decisive Blow and to ensure her Precision ability is used more. First Hit and other Protection cards will trigger a threat removal during the villain phase.

Overall I chose aggression for all of the allies that you can get out cheaper with Team-Building Exercise. This allows more Knowhere card draw. Helicarrier can help if it wasn't used for an event.

Once your six support/upgrade generators are set up, you could pay for a First Hit to damage a minion and remove one threat during the villain phase, then during your turn use a Drop Kick with stun and get out an ally for free or one cost, leaving 1 to 2 cards in hand for an additional event, hopefully a thwart to use both Finesse and Precision again.

For stalwart villains, I replace the Drop Kicks and Martial Prowess with Mean Swings and add Godslayer in case you get it out before Gamora's Sword. The two together with the swing will carve out some nice 7 damage villain steaks and her sword's ability will add to Gamora's other attack events, making the sword cost worth it.

Cards I chose not to use: Assault Training is good for reusing Drop Kicks but Gamora has lots of good cards. Enhanced Physique is good to pay for those stuns but felt unnecessary just to support three cards. Hall of Heroes is worth the cost if played early but the focus here is on the event/ally generators; I also prefer it thematically only with Asgardians.