"Further, Faster, Baby!" (2.0) - Capt Marvel / Leadership

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Brian-V · 3002

(This is a reworked deck (2.0) from an old version. I like this version a lot better & plays entirely different. This is now one of my strongest decks (and most fun), easily winning on expert vs any villain.)



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Any feedback is welcome, thanks! Also check out my other decks I've playtested extensively:


May 07, 2020 Iskander4000 · 1

Great deck...one question, if playing solo, how do you recommend handling threat?

May 11, 2020 Brian-V · 3002

@Iskander4000 Thanks! As far as your question goes... Usually I don't have a problem with threat solo with this deck. Captain Marvel has a THW of 2, which is pretty good. Crisis Interdiction definitely helps, but really a lot of the time it's the allies that do the heavy lifting in the threat department -- especially Maria Hill! Normally, if I have a tough time getting "off the ground" (pun intended), it's with incoming damage. Let me know a little bit more info about how your games are going and I'd be glad to help. Thanks for the comment!

May 11, 2020 Brian-V · 3002

@Iskander4000 Also, I do plan to do a more detailed write up, which I can incorporate with your comments. Sorry, just been extremely busy with life things, as we all have. Stay healthy/safe. :)

Jun 24, 2020 Bilbut · 1

@Brian-VHi Brian ! Since there are only 3 Honorary Avengers available, how would you chose between your Capt America deck and this one ? If I want to play both in multiplayer.