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astaroth · 734

I think some of the cards from recent expansions, especially Deft Focus, Moment of Triumph, and Hand Cannon, really helped made aggression Hulk more viable and fun in both solo and multiplayer.

I tested this against my The Aggressive One Punch Hulk build. This one works much better because Lockjaw helps pick up the slack when the RNG is against you. It is almost a crime that Lockjaw provides so much utility in this deck. Seems like a Dog really is a Hulk's best friend.


This deck revolves around using zero/low cost cards to attack or enhance your basic attack, as you set up your upgrades and allies. It is quite easy to do 8-12 damage from the get go and 15-20+ damage once you are fully set up. You turn into your hero form in the first round and hopefully stays in hero form for the rest of the game. You heal using Moment of Triumph and manage threat using your allies and Sub-Orbital Leap. As saying goes...Once you go Hulk, you never go least not till the fight is over.

The strength of this build is that it has enough resource generation to run his small hand size of 4 reliably, thereby minimizing poor rounds where you are unable to do anything. i.e. obligations, hand of multiple high cost cards. It has a quick set up time. you really only need to get your resource generators (which you should hard mulligan for), one Hand Cannon and Bug to properly function. The remaining upgrades are just there to help maximize. On demand overkill allows you to deal with minions efficiently without wasting damage. This Hulk may not be swinging his punches constantly. But when he does, the villain will feel it keenly! If you need extra help with survival and threat, Lockjaw is always just a whistle away.

When properly set up and things are dicey. You can always run 3 thwart from Bug and Lockjaw, Lockjaw as blocker, and a minimum of 5 damage from your basic attack every round. Its an insanely powerful way to grind through difficult rounds for an opportunity to turn around a losing game. Always remember, aggression Hulk can easily one shot the villain with a single good hand. The key really is how to buy enough time to get that one good hand.


Hard mulligan into a starting hand that allows you to set up at least 2 of the 3 (Helicarrier, Quincarrier and Deft Focus). In fact, it is possible to have a starting hand that can set up all 3 in the first round. Hopefully Lockjaw gets thrown into the discard pile during this process. If there is one thing Hulk does better than most other heroes, it is that he can mulligan and start the game with a very strong hand. Limitless Strength is the ultimate setup card. Make sure you take full advantage of it.

I would really recommend going beyond 40 cards to include Genius and Energy. This deck is not overly reliant and these 2 extra double resource cards will help you set up your upgrades and allies more quickly.

Since you can overkill on demand, Follow Through is another card that works very well in this deck.

Free Superpower with the Heli, Quin and Deft Combo. If you can get this combo out, you can play Hulk Smash, Sub-Orbital Leap or Thunderclap at full strength from your hand for free every round. It frees you to use the remaining 3 cards from your hand to continue your setup or add more damage. All the upgrades, except for Immovable Object, are 1 or 2 cost cards. If you have Enhanced Physique in play or draws a double resource card, it is even possible to play another 3 cost card in the same round. i.e double Hulk Smash.

Hand Cannon really takes an aggression Hulk to the next level by turning your normal basic attack into overkill on demand. This combos perfectly with Skilled Strike and also eliminates the need for resources in order to make Hulk Smash overkill. Use Mean Swing instead of Hand Cannon whenever possible unless you really need overkill. It deals more damage and helps keep the charges around longer. Ideally you always want to have 2 Hand Cannon in play.

Moment of Triumph lets you heal when there is a minion on the table. Even a simple combo of Skilled Strike and Hand Cannon will turn your basic attack into a 9 ATK overkill once you have Combat Training and Boundless Rage set up. This really helps you stay in hero form longer. You can easily recover most of your HP if you pull one off with Hulk Smash. So do not be afraid to take the damage. Slug it out with the villain. At worst, Lockjaw is always there to block for you.

Allies. Bug and Brawn are 2 important allies to help you deal with threat. Bug is especially good because he heals whenever you do basic attack. i.e. Ideally every round. This essentially turns him into a Beat Cop to help you thwart 1 every round. He can also help you deal that 1 damage to remove tough every round if needed. Never let him die!

Spider-Girl is just an emergency blocker. You can swap her for other allies, double resources cards or event cards if you wish to. Her impact on your games is minimal at best. Hulk does not have to ability to cycle through a 40 cards deck to use her efficiently.

Lockjaw is the MVP of this deck. He provides you so much utility with his on demand 4 Thwart or 2 thwart and a block.. The ability to generate at least 6 resources (with Heli and Quin) lets you can play him every single round and still have the ability to play zero or 1 cost cards. This allows you to turn around losing game when things are against you. Just remember to keep him in the discard pile and never reshuffled back into your deck.

If you want to go easy mode. You can play this deck above 40 cards with Genius, Energy and 2 The Power in All of Us. With the Heli, Quin and Deft combo going, you can play any of your event/support (except for Immovable Object) cards for free, and still play Lockjaw anytime you have a double/triple resource. 7 double/triple resources makes Lockjaw a regular appearance on your table to keep threat level minimal and deal with the villain attacks. Between Hulk's high HP, healing from Moment of Triumph and the many blocks from Lockjaw, it will be difficult for the villain to kill or scheme you out.

Weakness. Exhaust and stun are your biggest enemies. Keep Tenacity in play and use it only when you absolutely needs to. Do not use Athletic Conditioning. Instead, consider using low cost attack cards such as Press the Advantage to remove stun. It cost the same as Athletic Conditioning, making it a superior choice for stun removal and additional damage when you are not stunned. If you are playing against a villain that can regularly stun you, use Lockjaw to block more. Blocking is actually the best stun removal.

Other cards for consideration. You can swap out Toe to Toe and Spider-Girl for other cards such as Follow Through, Browbeat, Beat 'Em Up, Chase Them Down, Drop Kick, Looking for Trouble, "You'll Pay for That!", Into the Fray, Press the Advantage, Piercing Strike, Relentless Assault, To the Rescue!, First Aid, Endurance, Ironheart, Mockingbird, Tigra, Spider-Man, Valkyrie, Genius, Energy and The Power in All of Us depending on your needs.

"You'll Pay for That!" is actually quite powerful in this deck and can help with threat heavy villains. If you are going to face tank damage, might as well get paid for it. It is cost efficient and you can always guarantee its trigger.

Imagine this.

You have all your upgrades, support and Bug set up. The Sleeper is in play. He is out there wreaking havoc and guarding Red Skull who is at a full health of 20. Red Skull feels pretty cocky and is mocking and taunting Hulk who is beat up and down to his last few HP.

You draw a hand of 2 Hulk Smash, Moment of Triumph and Strength.

Bug attacks The Sleeper and removes his toughness. The Sleeper retaliates and kills Bug. Hulk immediately loses it! Burning from the insane rage at the loss of his friend, he runs up to The Sleeper and throws a Mega Hulk Smash for 29 ATK overkill (5 ATK basic attack. 4 ATK from 2 Hand Cannon. 20 ATK from 2 Hulk Smash. Play 1 Hulk Smash using the heli, quin and deft combo. 2nd Hulk Smash using Strength and Enhanced Physique). Hulk's super punch completely obliterates The Sleeper and continues on to hit Red Skull so hard in the face, that it sends him off flying and ending his nefarious plans for the day. Hulk roars in triumph back to full health (recovers 24 HP using Moment of Triumph) and wanders off searching for the next villain to fight.

Now this feels like a Hulk.


May 05, 2021 bloki · 8

Great deck! Hulk is really starting to feel like Hulk now.

May 05, 2021 neothechosen · 10271

I've been looking into using Hand Cannon ever since it was spoiled. It combos incredibly well with basic attacks.

That being said, I completely overlooked the fact that it eliminates the need for only for Hulk Smash. That's a GREAT bonus!

Thanks for pointing that out!

May 06, 2021 DukeWellington · 5051

Great idea for a deck. I'm glad to see you getting attention. Switching Tigra for Lockjaw was definitely the right move.

May 06, 2021 InigoMontoya · 4322

Love the deck! I'd switch out Tenacity and Enhanced Physique for two copies of Piercing Strike. There are just too many villains/allies with Toughness that would soak up a basic attack or Hulk Smash.

May 06, 2021 astaroth · 734

Honestly I would rather switch out Spider-Girl or Toe to Toe for Piercing Strike. Tenacity and Enhanced Physique can potentially save your game. Plus Bug can act as a tough removal. Brawn too if you have him. Lockjaw is always there if you need him to remove the occasional tough. In my opinion, the odds of drawing Piercing Strike in a situation you desperately needs to may not be high enough to warrant switching out your 2 security blanket. Just my 2 cents.

May 06, 2021 turtles04 · 491

Dope! I'm all about Hulk protection but this deck is savage!

May 07, 2021 astaroth · 734

@turtles04 Thanks! The amount of stun in your deck is insane! Never Back Down is really a good addition for protection. Cheap and powerful! How do you deal with threat in longer games? Do you find yourself schemed out often. I have personally always struggled with protection Hulk. It is the one aspect i have zero success with.

Hulk is my fav hero but its just so frustrating playing with him most of the time. It almost as if the developers want him to fail.

May 07, 2021 turtles04 · 491

@astarothI'm also a Hulk fan! Protection is my favorite aspect in general and there's some cards that are great for Hulk because of his high defense. In my deck my allies almost always thwart (except Iron fist). Protection allows you to stay in hero form much longer so that alone helps with threat plus sub orbital leap is great if you pay with all fists. I'm constantly tinkering with it but there's hard to ignore which I didn't even include. That can help too.

With the change to defense Hulk Prot in mutli player games got even better!

May 08, 2021 dr00 · 41155

it brings a tear to my eye to see another person who has seen the value of Tenacity for hulk <3

also Hand Cannon, Hulk Smash, Mean Swing, and Skilled Strike for Moment of Triumph is just chef's kiss

May 08, 2021 astaroth · 734

@dr00Thanks! Your "So Easy a Hulk Can Do It" Deck was what started me on aggression Hulk when i first bought the game. I had a lot of fun with it! Smashing villain after villain, round after round is so much fun. Its what a hulk should be doing!

The recent aggression cards are a god sent for aggression Hulk. Its like the developers finally realized Hulk can use some help!

May 08, 2021 jrec15 · 152

Cool deck. I wonder if Godslayer from Gamora's pack will slot in here or if that messes up the Mean Swing/Hand Cannon synergy too much given the 2 restricted weapons limit. Also i think the Angela minion will have a place, I might drop a Toe to Toe for her.

May 08, 2021 jrec15 · 152

Angela ally*

May 08, 2021 neothechosen · 10271

@astaroth Right there with you about the Hulk being frustrating. A few characters should be sold with a "multiplayer" mention so you know what you're getting into.

Don't get me wrong I still like Hulk and Thor, but soloing them feels like a crazy challenge, and with every new pack I eagerly seek for cards that help bring them to higher levels of playability.

May 08, 2021 astaroth · 734

@neothechosen i totally agree! i bought Hulk thinking i will be destroying stuff with him. Only to realize the only way to consistently win with him in solo is to go justice and slowly grind my way to victory. Not my kind of fun to be honest.

Not sure what is so strong about Hulk that the developers felt the need to give him a disability in hero form rather than an ability like everyone else.

@jrec15 I havent seen the cards from Gamora yet. what does angela do?

May 09, 2021 gustave154 · 21

Saitama approves

May 12, 2021 journeyman2 · 21768

Awhile ago I built an overkill-focused deck to use with Wasp’s Pinpoint Strike, capitalizing on Follow Through.

I really like your build! Hulk Smash as the highest damage card w/overkill makes a lot of sense to build around. Defeating a minion and still dealing loads of damage is a great feeling! Well done!

May 13, 2021 rstorcdk · 4822

Still a completely underpowered hero with zero tempo. I just lost 3 times in a row to expert Rhino with doomsday chair. Your deck makes sense, but Hulk is just so terrible! Moment of Triumph has been a dead card in all 3 matches, because I never got it with an attack event. One time I even drew 2 of them with 2 ressource cards and I had not drawn Lockjaw yet so basically a dead turn. And hulk suffers a lot from dead turns. I also disagree about your suggestion to add "You'll Pay for That!" because same situation. You draw it on your turn, then you have a bad turn. And the ofc you have to discard your hand, so you can't even save it to the villain phase. Hulk cannot run situational cards! Again I don't blame you or your deck. I blame the guy whole created this mess of a hero. Like astaroh sais, why punish Hulk so badly? He's basically a worse version of Captain Marvel with her alter ego power (she doesn't have to discard after drawing a card and can even use it on other players!) and the triple ressouce cards - Except that her higher hand size plus card draw makes her do much more damage and play better allies - and she can actually thwart! They need to give us a free new version of the hulk identity card in one of the new hero packs because we basically got a useless hero and new aspect cards for our money.

May 13, 2021 astaroth · 734

@rstorcdk I am sorry that the deck didnt work too well for you. For a villain like Rhino, "You'll Pay for That!" may not be the best idea since the villain hits so hard, and he doesnt really scheme too much. I will also switch out Toe to Toe for other allies to chomp block. Moment of Triumph may not work too well since Rhino's deck doesnt have too many minions. Usually against him, i would usually keep a weak minion around just so that i can use Moment of Triumph when i draw it.

The key is really to find Lockjaw early. If you can find him, Rhino is a push over. Hard mulligan if you need to.

Hulk is probably one of the weakest hero atm. Not much we can do about it.

May 13, 2021 StayOnTheLeader · 2032

I'm going to give this a try, though with a couple of tweaks from reading the feedback above and thoughts of my own. Main change is I'm taking Skilled Strike out for Get Over Here.

This is clearly a stupid thing to do but Skilled Strike is already in my Spider-Woman deck, and when I thought about it GOH is +1dmg vs +2dmg so not miles away, and it clears Stuns and Toughs to ensure I get my big hits in. I've cut Brawn for Spider-Man (Miles) because I want to frontload more of the impact instead of waiting 4 turns. Also trying Battle Fury instead of Tenacity.

I think Moment of Triumph and Mean Swing 3x may be too much of those, but the card I want to put in for them are the Skilled Strikes I don't have access to!

May 13, 2021 astaroth · 734

@rstorcdk Actually re-reading your experience again. Did you hard mulligan to start with at least 2 of the 3 resource generators? If 2 is not enough, then maybe you should try to start with 3. In my experience, i find it rare to draw a dead hand with this deck due to the fact that this comprises a lot of low cost cards and that Moment of Triumph is pretty much the only situational card in this deck as long as you are not exhausted/stun. Drawing into 2 Moment of Triumph and 2 double/triple resources without Lockjaw already out is pretty low odds.

I didnt notice you are playing with doomsday chair. "You'll Pay for That!" is actually quite good for this as you need burst threat removal. You draw cards at the end of your phase. If you draw into a "You'll Pay for That!". You can use it immediately during the villain's phase. The trigger is guaranteed unless you use a blocker. I usually use Helicarrier to pay for it. That way i still have 3 cards to play at the start of the next round. Dont think of it as you started the round with 3 cards. Think of it as you started your round early in the villain phase.

May 13, 2021 neothechosen · 10271


I've been following the conversation on this deck. A few things:

  1. Thanks @rstorcdk for being civil in your comments. I've had some negatives ones that pretty much went like "your deck doesn't work dude!" where the guy doesn' t seem to realize every deck, no matter how good, is still prone to bad hands or terrible encounters. There is still a luck component in here.

  2. If your Rhino / Doomsday game was in true solo, the bar was already set very high, and with a very quirky character. I agree with you all the way, the Hulk is currently the most underwhelming hero, sadly. If it was your first experience with the deck, I'd try dialing it down a bit as, sometimes, experiencing how to pilot a deck over time is essential (especially with a Hero like this!)

  3. @astaroth: I've been having lots of success lately with a basic/aggro Thor deck. Have you tried a version of your deck with The Power in All of Us to pay for carriers / mansion / lots of basic allies? I'm thinking this might be another way to make HUlk successful too.

Just my two cents anyway!

Good day!

May 13, 2021 astaroth · 734

@neothechosen Yes i have. It is a very good addition. In fact i do add in 2 The Power in All of Us and 2 The Power of Aggression when i go above 40 cards. It allows for a faster setup and lets me play Lockjaw more often without affecting me playing other cards.

I only cut down the 4 cards to fit into a 40 cards deck. Even without them, i usually have no problems in expert mode. Heroic however is a totally different story.

May 13, 2021 neothechosen · 10271


Sweet! Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

May 26, 2021 Incredibul · 3313

Great Deck. I think Get Over Here! is the ultimate Stun AND Tough removal card and fits well into the 0 cost card concept, would remove Tenacity and one Hand Cannon for it.