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dr00 · 41155


Hey everyone, and welcome to my HULK Talk. This deck is crafted entirely about ensuring the big guy just smashes as much as he can. With this deck, Hulk is only here to do as much damage as he can by smashing the villain and smashing anything that gets in his way. It is your job to completely destroy the villain while everyone else complains about not being able to set up fast enough. If you just want to smash, this is the deck for you, and you can easily hit well over 10 damage on most turns, and peaking at over 20. You are a freight train of monumental proportions, you are the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, and you are stopped by nothing.

It's absolutely not meant for solo play but can perform well as part of a group even on the hardest difficulties. It also boasts a low difficulty floor, but actually the ceiling is quite high for complexity and allows for some meaningful decisions for people who want a deck that doesn't just pilot itself. As such, it is a perfect teaching deck to help introduce the game to someone or allow them to learn about the subtle complexities of the game.

Another thing that's quite interesting about this deck is how the decisions work more on a priority system rather than simply reacting to the encounter deck. Included are cards that help with resource smoothing and others that aid with efficiency. All of this culminates together for a deck that ensures you always have something to play and you can play everything you have. With experience, it eventually runs quite smoothly, and you will never again ask for another Avengers Mansion.

This deck crams as much as it possibly can, with just over 80% of the deck. There are many cards that take advantage of it, but lets be real, the main reason is for Hulk Smash because being caught behind a Guard minion with a Smash in hand and not enough physical resources make Hulk sad, and you don't want to make Hulk sad.

Priority List:

Generally, try to play the following cards in this order. If you draw a Hulk Smash and a Combat Training in the same hand? There's another Combat Training to help you out. Drawing 2 Hulk Smashes? The deck is actually designed around letting you eventually set up and be able to play 2 in the same turn, which is a glorious feeling.

If you're going to play Drop Kick or Unstoppable Force, play these before you do anything (but make sure that you are exhausted first before using the latter). The reason for this is that if you end up drawing Hulk Smash or Skilled Strike, you want to have your basic attack action available to play them. If you ever end your turn with Hulk Smash in hand and no way to play it, swap to Banner so that you can keep it.

Immovable Object is mainly for the retaliate but can also help keep you as Hulk for a bit longer. Down Time is a great way to increase your healing throughput so you don't have to spend so much time as Banner if you need to swap to heal. Banner's Laboratory also helps in this, but it's a bit more expensive: although it does generate resources, you will often not have much to spend it on, but there are a few good targets, like Combat Training, Jarnbjorn, Enhanced Physique, Resourceful, and Immovable Object.

One final note on Boundless Rage. It's not that great actually. If you find it early, awesome, but as soon as you draw your obligation or need to swap over to heal, you have to get rid of it. What's more, Banner's Lab can't even help you pay for it since you can only play it yourself as a hero. That said, it really helps squeeze out more mileage from Crushing Blow and Unstoppable Force.

Resource Smoothing:

When I first started playing this deck, my initial plan was to have a bunch of 1- and 3-cost cards, and the entire goal was either playing two 1-cost cards or one 3-cost card. Enter: Drop Kick. Nothing, and I mean nothing feels worse than playing Drop Kick, stunning the villain, and drawing Hulk Smash. Unstoppable Force had a somewhat similar problem, and the solution presented itself in some of the least-used cards for broader play, but I promise you: they put in some extra work in this deck.

First up is Enhanced Physique which helps so much for resource smoothing. Almost any hand with EP and a 1-cost card is easy: play EP and use it to play the last card, whether it be Boundless Rage, Down Time, or Jarnbjorn. Even better if you have a hand with Get Over Here! or Skilled Strike, having a full Enhanced Physique and an extra bit of damage as well.

Even Resourceful is worth playing here. I know what you're probably thinking: 'but this card sucks?!?!' Yeah, for a lot of heroes, it's not super great, and using a counter on Enhanced Physique to play Resourceful is really inefficient, but next turn? You have 2 extra resources you can use. That's a massive increase in the amount of resources you have for that turn, usually doubling or tripling what you actually spend. Another thing to point out about Resourceful is: it's only ever a which can be used to fuel one of the many kickers you have or for squeezing out one more damage with Valkyrie. It's perfectly fine to use it as a resource from hand, and in a lot of cases it should be used that way. It's a really versatile card.

Despite its ubiquitousness among other heroes, Helicarrier actually is lowest in the priority of these. Don't mistake it though, it is very good, but typically your first turn playing it will be spending your entire hand to play it and giving the discount to another player. This is actually why Quincarrier didn't make the cut because you can only use the resource for yourself. Helicarrier won't always be useful for you, but you can at least throw a discount to your friends.

You will notice a lack of Genius and Energy, and this is quite intentional. In fact, Strength itself often gets overused, and Limitless Strength on occasion. It's much more important that you run more physical than simply having extra resources sometimes. There are very few 2-cost cards where these would be worth it.

Efficiency Tools:

A major tenet of this deck is having cards that can pull double duty or allow other cards to have multiple uses. We've already looked at Enhanced Physique and Resourceful, both of which can be used as a resource from hand or played into your play area. Here are some others:

Jarnbjorn is one of the best efficiency tools for this deck, allowing you squeeze out almost everything you can from excess you have in your hand, often allowing your Helicarrier or that extra card from Drop Kick to be 2 extra damage. What's more, you can choose where the damage goes to help ping away minions or apply more pressure on the villain.

Skilled Strike works the same way, as yet another resource from hand or 2 extra damage when you make a basic attack. With Jarnbjorn, it can be used with any attack, even events.

Lockjaw will not see a lot of play, but every once in a while, you'll draw a hand of Limitless Strength, Strength, Enhanced Physique, and a second Combat Training. Lockjaw is a good boi doggo who's ready to help in just such a scenario to allow you to get the most out of your hand and not let it all go to waste.

Get Over Here! at first doesn't seem like a great inclusion. In fact, it's not very synergistic with the deck, being an resource, so it's really worth that +1 damage with Valkyrie, but Hulk has a massive weakness to Stun and the Villain having Tough. This can take care of either of those with a single card. Some encounters have more of a focus on exhaustion rather than Stun or Tough. In these encounters, it's fine to use Tenacity instead, as blasphemous as it sounds. Spending 2 resources and a card now so you can spend one extra physical later so you can ensure you get your Hulk Smash to connect is definitely worth it.

Also it's worthy of mentioning that there is no Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which helps with exhaustion and Stun. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of good Avengers allies to choose from, some being expensive like Sentry and She-hulk, but there is a possibility of using Spider-Girl, Tigra, She-Hulk, and Sentry.

Final Comments:

I hope you enjoy playing this deck as much as I have in sculpting it. I'd also like to give a shout-out to Steven from Team Covenant with his Thor - We Were Swingin' deck that utilises a lot of the same principles here and was one of the many inspirations for this deck.

My goal was to construct something that was easy to learn and difficult to master. Ultimately, I believe there is no real wrong way to play this deck as long as you are focused on doing as much damage as you possibly can. In fact, I challenge all of you to try to see how much damage you can push out in a single turn: my current record is 25.

Just remember these rules, and you'll do great:

#1 Always Be Smashing

#2 See #1

#3 Spend very little time setting up so that you can focus on #1

#4 Only Hulk


Sep 07, 2020 Mag · 12529

If Banana's Captain America deck saved your marriage, this deck saved Planet Hulk.

Sep 07, 2020 Remedy · 3815

As always dr00 I love reading your lists and then playing them a bunch. I love how focused this list is for it's intended execution and it just looks like a lot of fun to play.

I will say it feels like you have a lot of minion control here and I wondered whether you had thought about what piercing strike might provide for Hulk as a way to more easily get through tough while having another Jarnbjorn trigger?

My other question was with 8 attacks in the list, is there ever a world where one resourceful is cut for a martial prowess? or is the cost of 1 less and wild resource providing a lot greater flexibility!

Thanks as always for providing such in-depth write ups really helps me to understand the deck can't wait to put this down on the table vs the very squishy Red Skull villains!

Sep 07, 2020 ImpossibleGerman · 14220

This the Hulk writeup Gotham deserves.

Sep 08, 2020 dr00 · 41155

@Magthat's the dream!

@Remedy good question. actually, Martial Prowess was a very late cut. it made it through so many passes of the deck but ultimately was cut because there was a very small number of opportunities where you would draw it and could use it that turn, unlike Enhanced Physique. It did feel painful to cut, but there were some games where I played it and just never actually used it at all (or it didn't actually save a resource after all). That said, I think it's a perfectly fine inclusion, and replacing Resourceful is probably where I would make the cut. Originally, I wasn't running Get Over Here!, and the earlier version had both Martial Prowess and Tigra. I figured the former wasn't necessary, and the latter was a bit superfluous with all of the minion control the deck had.

As for Piercing Strike, I did consider it, and I think it's a bit more playable with Martial Prowess. I guess my main suggestion at that point is if Tough is more problematic than Stun, since it does much better on the former but less so on the latter. I think a -2 Get Over Here!, -1 Resourceful, +2 Piercing Strike, +1 Martial Prowess might be pretty good.

i can't wait to try it against the campaign either :D

@ImpossibleGerman :D

Sep 11, 2020 Solh31D · 1

Hey, i just got the hulk pack and would love to test this out, the thing is i don't have the Dr. Strange Pack so i can't add 3x Skilled Strike. I have core, thor, ms marvel and rise of red skull. Which 3 cards would you add to this to replace the skilled strikes or could it not work if those are replaced?

Sep 11, 2020 dr00 · 41155

@Solh31Dhey, that's a good question. Uppercut or Piercing Strike are probably good choices. if you did that, I'd also replace 1 Resourceful or Get Over Here! with Martial Prowess. hope you enjoy it!

Sep 12, 2020 Iskander4000 · 4

I paired this with a Doctor Strange leadership stunlock deck. Green Goblin didn't stand a chance.

Sep 12, 2020 Solh31D · 1

@dr00i tried the deck with those changes and had Thor/Justice help out. I defeated expert Rhino, but now when trying the RoRS campaign on normal mode i can't get past crossbones. Maybe Thor and Hulk aren't a great team since they have similar weaknesses. Any build you could recommend, to pair with this Hulk deck to try and beat the RoRS campaign. (I have ms. Marvel, Thor, & Hulk hero-pack and core and RoRS)

Sep 14, 2020 dr00 · 41155

@Iskander4000 hey, glad you liked it! that seems like a really fun pairing as well :D

@Solh31D i think Justice Ms Marvel with Clear the Area, Spider-man, and For Justice can be really good at clearing side schemes. she can also Big Hands, Concussive Blow, and even Haymaker for additional damage. other good thwarters are Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and of course Spider-Woman, with either Justice or Leadership (or in the case of SW, both)

i think Thor and Hulk are still probably a bit on the weaker side, at least with the current cardpool, but i also think their best aspect is aggression with another partner you can deal with threat and setting up, while Hulk/Thor just bash it out

good luck!

Sep 14, 2020 Solh31D · 1

@dr00I tried an Iron-Man/Justice deck and it worked great, the Iron-Man deck was quite big (47 cards or so, was focused on energy cards) so it would sometimes take some time to get the suit on but i had enough other cards to clear the schemes so Hulk could just smash. Thanks for the great deck, it's a lot of fun.

Sep 14, 2020 dr00 · 41155

@Solh31D so glad to hear! Iron Man is good fun. try to cut that down so you get your suit online faster though! ;)

Sep 15, 2020 The_Wall · 127

I've been on the Resourceful Hulk bandwagon for a while now, coming to the same conclusion as you. It really is the WD-40 in his wrecking machine, not to mention that it actually gives Banner's Laboratory's resource a decent use.

And yes, stun is Hulk's kryptonite, tough is much easier to handle especially in multiplayer (request action another player to make an attack action in your turn to clear it).

Sep 16, 2020 dr00 · 41155

@The_Wall yeah! Resourceful has actually been really great. I was honestly surprised to see so much hate for it when it was first spoiled. My initial reaction was just that it's a solid for any deck that focuses on one resource type and needs something to deal with villain attachments or wants to focus on more than one resource type (like a Justice player running For Justice! and Concussive Blow)

but i honestly didn't think it'd be overall that great for Hulk. initially i was running things like Honorary Avenger since it's either a physical resource or an extra HP on something. i tried out Resourceful and absolutely love it. i also love whenever Banner's lab pays for Resourceful. feels so great haha!

and yeah, that's my estimation as well. Tough is less difficult with allies and other players, but Stun really sucks unless you have a protection player with The Night Nurse or something

Sep 21, 2020 LordPrometheus · 2

Played this deck 4 player against Red Skull, and Hulk was next to useless against the plethora of exhaust cards in that deck. It was basically a 3 player game with 4 player scaling at that point.

Don't play this deck against Red Skull lol. Maybe we just got unlucky, but it felt REALLY bad.

Sep 22, 2020 Suzy309 · 8

@dr00Love the deck - am playing something similar but with more reource cards in deck and fewer on board. Will try to change it and use resourceful as well. However I might slip in Toe to Toe instead of Relentless Assault. Any opinions on that?

Sep 22, 2020 dr00 · 41155

@LordPrometheus oof that sounds rough! haha, yeah, exhaustion is Hulk's biggest weakness atm, much more than tough or stun. Earth's Mightiest Heroes is really solid, but I think it only really works in a Leadership deck at the moment. I actually think Tenacity isn't awful for Hulk, and as I mentioned, for exhaustion-heavy encounters, you can try 1 or 2 copies.

@Suzy309 Hulk has a lot of hitpoints, so he can definitely utilise Toe to Toe better than most other heroes, and the cost is better, but just be careful of those extra effects that occur on attack, such as getting a drone with Ultron or Klaw stunning you with his weapon. if you want to take out a minion, i think Relentless is better since you won't waste any of the damage and won't have to take an attack as well

Apr 05, 2021 gibby290 · 2

Any updates with the newer cards released since you bit this list?

Apr 06, 2021 dr00 · 41155

hey @gibby290 thanks for the comment. to be honest i haven't played it much in a while. i do like the idea of hand cannon a lot though, and Bug seems quite good, but i don't have GMW yet. i don't think Deft Focus really helps him much though.

as for the other packs, Wasp and Ant-Man added quite a bit i think with Into the Fray and Moment of Triumph (MoT especially). i also think there's something with the basic package from Wasp that could be quite good, especially with Tenacity being the best way to ready hulk if things go bad (and it's not a great card lol), but Spider-Man helps with thwarting and has a , Ironheart fits the right resource goal since she draws a card (the resource doesn't match up super well, but the easy block is nice)

i think i've changed my mine a bit about Earth's Mightiest Heroes though. there's a lot of good ally options, and even Avengers Tower to help deal with exhaustion effects.

those are my main ideas, but i haven't had the time to test everything like i've wanted

Jan 29, 2022 Gronthal · 1

Could be 1x Deft Focus considered to reduce the cost of the 3-cost superpower events?

Jan 30, 2022 dr00 · 41155

hey @Gronthal yeah that's a decent card being just 1 cost. it won't always help y ou, but the investment is low. i'm also really loving Into the Fray, Clobber, and Blade

Feb 22, 2022 Bewearr · 1

Have you ever considered Hall of Heroes? It has been a natural fit for me with a similar deck paired with black widow justice. I was trying to make Moment of Triumph work with Hulk and skilled strike as a way to recover faster, but in practice it's been very situational.

May 22, 2022 dr00 · 41155

@Bewearr yeah, Hall of Heroes could be decent. I don't generally swap to alter-ego unless I can help it, and he doesn't have many options on the turn he flips to alter-ego if he draws 3, so I ended up cutting it. In a big multiplayer game, it could absolutely see a lot more value there though.

Jul 13, 2022 andizzy · 1

since so many new cards have come out, have you thought about updating this deck or any of your other brilliant ones with the new cards? Would love to see how you incorporate the recent cards

Jul 13, 2022 dr00 · 41155

@andizzy yeah, i'll definitely be taking a look after SP//dr drops, and we get some fun new toys in that one!